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Is Marvel Snap Down? How To Check Server Status

Marvel Snap featuring Carnage and Miles Morales

Is Marvel Snap Down? How To Check Server Status

Marvel Snap servers go down every now and then, but they always come back online.

Marvel Snap is a fact-acting card game featuring characters from all over Marvel’s comic book history, from Spider-Man to Elektra. Unlike other card games, Marvel Snap is entirely digital which finds its way onto Android, iOS, and PC. However, the game does rely on servers, so if you’re wondering if Marvel Snap is down, we’ll teach you how to check server status.

Checking Marvel Snap Server Status

Given Marvel Snap is still young, there is only one way to check Marvel Snap’s server status: Twitter.

To be specific, the game has its own official Twitter page, which Tweets out updates, events, new information and, more importantly, server status. So, if you’re having connections issues, jump over to the game’s Twitter page (after you’ve checked your own connection).

Unfortunately, Twitter is your one and only option, at least until it makes its way onto Downdetector—an option that is by far the better of the two.

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Is Marvel Snap Down Right Now?

Per Marvel Snap’s official Twitter page, there aren’t any Tweets indicating that the servers are down for iOS, Android, or PC at this time (March 7, 2023, 10:14 p.m. Eastern Time).

However, we have been having some issues playing today. As the new season has just rolled over, some players are experiencing login issues and a pop-up stating that they’re unable to play due to invalid schema state. Your best course of action is to either wait it out for a fix, or delete the app and reinstall it entirely.

With that said, Marvel Snap is still relatively new, so we’ll monitor the situation and update if there are any new developments. That’s all there is to know on how to check Marvel Snap’s server status to see if it’s down. Until then, catch up on the finer details of the game by understanding the maximum hand size limit. Afterwards, you might find our guide on the best decks to build with Nimrod.

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