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Legendary & Mega Raid Boss Schedule in Pokemon Go (March 2023)

pokemon go legendary raids
Image via Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Legendary & Mega Raid Boss Schedule in Pokemon Go (March 2023)

Gotta raid ’em all!

Legendary and Mega raids in Pokemon GO are some of the most challenging battles in the game, but they’re also immensely worth the effort. Tons of items, XP, Stardust, and Candy, are waiting for the victors. On top of that, you get a chance to catch some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Use this Legendary & Mega Raid boss schedule to plan your Pokemon GO raiding parties for March 2023.

March 2023 Pokemon GO Legendary & Mega Raid Bosses

The month begins with the pair of Incarnate Forme Tornadus and Mega Charizard Y. One week later, Ho-Oh and Mega Medicham take the reigns. After that, Incarnate Forme Thundurus and Mega Venusaur are the featured Legendary and Mega Pokemon. Leading us into the next month, Lugia and Mega Alakazam enter raids starting on Mar. 28.

PokemonType(s)Dates (Changes occur at 10 AM local time)
Incarnate Forme TornadusFlying1 to 8
Mega Charizard YFire/Flying1 to 8
Ho-OhFire/Flying8 to 21
Mega MedichamPsychic/Fighting8 to 21
Incarnate Forme ThundurusElectric/Flying21 to 28
Mega VenusaurGrass/Poison21 to 28
LugiaPsychic/Flying28 to Apr. 10
Mega AlakazamPsychic28 to Apr. 10

Who to Catch

Can’t decide who is worth it? Consider our opinions and make your own decision.

Legendary Pokemon

Lugia is arguably the best Master League Pokemon and Ho-Oh isn’t too bad either. Even with Kyogre and Groudon getting new attacks last month, the two Johto birds are still fairly formidable. Unfortunately, the Incarnate Tornadus and Thundurus aren’t nearly as valuable in PvP or PvE at this time.

Mega Pokemon

Mega Charizard and Mega Alakazam are the high-tier counters of their respective types and Mega Venusaur is a solid option if you don’t have enough energy to evolve Sceptile. On the other hand, Mega Medicham is arguably the worst Fighting-type Mega in the game.

Is It Worth the Raid Passes?

Yes. However, it’s understandable if you went all out last month on Groudon and Kyogre. Use as many free passes on Lugia this month as possible if you don’t have any Premium or Remote passes left. It’s well worth the effort to go all in on Lugia considering how strong it is in PvP and PvE.

Mega Charizard Y and Mega Alakazam are must-haves for PvE (specifically raids). Focus on boosting a single Alakazam and Charizard as high as possible since you can only have one Mega at a time. That way you’ll also save energy on future evolutions of that same Pokemon.

That wraps it up for the Pokemon GO Legendary & Mega raid boss schedule of March 2023. Don’t forget to come back around next month to see what Pokemon will appear in Apr. 2023.

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