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Is Roberto De Niro Dead in Trigun Stampede? Answered

Is Roberto De Niro Dead in Trigun Stampede? Answered
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Is Roberto De Niro Dead in Trigun Stampede? Answered

He just got unlucky.

Trigun Stampede features a slew of tweaks and changes compared to the original series, and the biggest is easily Roberto De Niro. Acting as a replacement for Milly Thompson, he provided a more grounded straight man to the group’s usual zaniness and was built up as an integral part of the new story. A recent story development throws this up into the air though, and if you’re like other fans, a question may have crossed your mind: Is Roberto De Niro dead in Trigun Stampede, or was it a fake out?

Fortunately, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Do be warned though: we’ll need to go into some *Major Spoilers* in the process.

Does Roberto De Niro Die in Trigun Stampede? Answered

Unfortunately, Roberto De Niro does in fact die in Trigun Stampede, and there’s very little room left for interpretation.

During Vash and Wolfwood’s attempt to save him and Meryl from the Gung Ho Guns, an attack from Elendira the Crimsonnail leaves a spike embedded in Roberto’s abdomen. He manages to escape her but realizes his wound is fatal after reaching an elevator. He then reassures Meryl that she has what it takes to get by on her own before seemingly succumbing to his wounds and dying.

It’s a somewhat sudden death, but also one which marks an end to his character arc. Whereas he originally held fast to an attitude of embracing survival at all costs, he was swayed by Meryl to care more about helping others and, more specifically, Vash. Though it came at the cost of his life, he doesn’t seem troubled by the development and is instead content with the actions he took.

Will Milly Replace Roberto in Trigun Stampede?

Given this development, another question may have popped up for you: Will Milly replace Roberto in Trigun Stampede?

Her absence from the series has continued to be a topic of hot discussion, and Roberto’s death means Meryl will once again need a partner for her exploits in the story. She seems like the most logical choice for the role as a result, and would certainly be a welcome addition to the series.

However, we still can’t say whether or not this will occur. There’s been no teaser for her return put out by the showrunners, and she hasn’t popped up in any of the previews for upcoming episodes. As such, we’ll have to wait and see if she is added in near the end of the first cour, or if she’ll make an appearance in the next installment of the series.

Hopefully, this cleared up whether or not Roberto De Niro is dead in Trigun Stampede. For more on the series, check out our other articles covering the show down below.

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