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Is Reddit Down? How To Check Server Status

Is Reddit Down?
Image Source: Reddit

Is Reddit Down? How To Check Server Status

Reddit blew it.

Why am I having trouble connecting to Reddit? You might be asking yourself that question if you’re having trouble logging in to check your favorite subreddits to catch up on the latest posts. Here is everything you need to know to check the server status to determine if Reddit is down.

Is Reddit Down Right Now?

Reddit is currently down, due to what is being deemed as an “internal systems issue”. Though the website loads initially, users cannot log in or browse any subreddits whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround to make your way into Reddit at this time, though the fact that the source of the problem has been identified suggests that it will hopefully be repaired in short order.

The Reddit Status Twitter account is your top source for updates, as well as user reporting websites such as Down Detector or RedditStatus. Of course, once we know anything further, we will let you know, too!

You may experience a spotty connection as you jump through your favorite subreddits but hopefully, the issues are fixed up soon and you can surf the web like normal. For now, that’s everything you need to know about how to check the server status and see if Reddit is down.

While you wait for Reddit to be back up and running, you can check all our coverage on the latest in gaming news via the links below.

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