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How to Unlock Everything in GM Mode in WWE 2K23

Unlocking Everything in WWE 2K23 GM Mode
Image via 2K Sports

How to Unlock Everything in GM Mode in WWE 2K23

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

GM Mode is back and perhaps bigger than ever in WWE 2K23, and the differences primarily lie within the details. Just like last year, players get to book every aspect of their show — including but not limited to the arena, crew, and even special effects. This time, though, not all of those options will be available from the start. So without further ado, here’s how to unlock everything in GM Mode in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 GM Mode Logistics Overview

With each passing week, GM Mode in WWE 2K23 will challenge players to build the best show they can through the use of Power Cards, roster-building, and enthralling rivalries. Deciding which General Manager to use will also have an effect, but none of that is the end-all.

After all, this is WWE, and presentation remains as important as ever. In order to maximize your audience and rake in the cash, deciding on an arena and everything that comes with it is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, though, you won’t have to rush. In fact, some of these options won’t even be available until you’ve played through at least one season of GM Mode.

Every sub-section, be it Arena, Crew, Special Effects, or Advertisement, will begin with the Base Level in Week 1. Additionally, these basics do not cost any money to book. Starting in Week 2, however, things will not only cost money to book, but also money to unlock.

WWE 2K23 GM Mode Arenas, Special Effects, and More
Image Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

Unlocking All Arenas in WWE 2K23 GM Mode

ArenaAvailableCost to UnlockCost to Book
High School GymWeek 1$0$0
Concert HallWeek 2$5,000$5,000
Capitol Wrestling CenterWeek 3$10,000$20,000
Fleet CenterWeek 5$20,000$35,000
Big StadiumWeek 20$200,000$75,000
Big Open StadiumSeason 4, Week 5$350,000$350,000

That’s right, folks! With Seasons being part of GM Mode now, you’ll have to play a while if you want that Big Open Stadium for, say, WrestleMania. That said, five of the six arenas will still be available at the 20-week mark. Don’t smile too widely yet, because everything that follows requires progressing much further than 20 weeks.

Still, it’s important to balance these arenas with the overall cost of your show, as well as the current amount of fans your brand has. Be sure to pay close attention to the Reward goals and incentives for booking accordingly that are listed underneath each Arena.

WWE 2K23 GM Mode Crew Logistics Unlock
Image Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

Unlocking All Crew in WWE 2K23 GM Mode

CrewAvailableCost to UnlockCost to Book
Road CrewWeek 1$0$0
Backstage CrewWeek 5$50,000$10,000
Gorilla CrewSeason 2, Week 5$100,000$20,000
Stage Building CrewSeason 2, Week 20$150,000$25,000
Veteran CrewSeason 3, Week 15$200,000$35,000
The McMahon FamilySeason 4, Week 10$250,000$250,000

Prices for each Crew type are quite a bit steeper than WWE 2K22, but that’s also because players will only have two Crews available to them throughout the first season of GM Mode. Ideally, you’ll have enough money to afford the others when the time arrives.

That said, the fun is just getting started.

How to Unlock All Things in WWE 2K23 GM Mode
Image Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

Unlocking All Special Effects in WWE 2K23 GM Mode

Special EffectsAvailableCost to UnlockCost to Book
Basic Lights & EffectsWeek 1$0$0
Basic Lights, Effects, & PyroWeek 10$50,000$10,000
Advanced Lights, Effects, & PyroSeason 2, Week 10$100,000$25,000
Network Quality Lights, Effects, & PyroSeason 3, Week 5$150,000$35,000
Veteran Lights, 3D Effects, & PyroSeason 3, Week 20$200,000$200,000
Industry Leading Lights, 3D Effects, & PyroSeason 4, Week 15$250,000$250,000

Holy production costs, Batman! Again, though, it’s all a balancing act. By Season 4 of your GM career, you’ll be able to afford such lavish effects. And ideally when that time comes, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.

WWE 2K23 GM Mode Advertisements Unlock
Image Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

Unlocking All Advertisements in WWE 2K23 GM Mode

AdvertisementAvailableCost to UnlockCost to Book
Local Signs & Flier AdsWeek 1$0$0
Cameo Appearances CampaignWeek 15$50,000$15,000
Viral CampaignSeason 2, Week 15$100,000$30,000
Superstar SigningsSeason 3, Week 10$150,000$150,000
Commercial CampaignSeason 4, Week 5$200,000$200,000
Movie DealsSeason 4, Week 20$250,000$250,000

Again, a very staggered availability schedule coupled with very high costs. But this year, it seems as though WWE 2K has really put an emphasis on building your show week-to-week. It cannot be overstated how much of a game-changer the simple addition of Seasons is to this mode. Therefore, you’re going to run into production and ad costs that are far more expensive (yet also likely worth it) the further you build upon your GM career.

For now, that’s everything you need to know in terms of how to unlock everything in GM Mode in WWE 2K23. So what are you waiting for? And if you happen to be looking for more in-game tips, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to check out our other guides and updates at the various links below.

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