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How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Sharks, Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

But where’s George?

When your plane comes a cropper and nosedives onto a remote island overflowing with flesh-munching cannibals and mutated beasties, you’d think that sea-dwelling critters like Sharks would be the least of your worries. That’s unfortunately not the case in Sons of the Forest, as you’ll have to contend with many of the island’s flora and fauna, including man-eating great whites. So, if you’re struggling to put these oversized fish six feet under, here’s how to kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest. Let’s go!

How to Defeat Sharks in Sons of the Forest

To take down a Shark in Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need one of either two weapons: a Pistol or a Crafted Spear. Both of these weapons can be used from a distance, which is important when trying to kill a Shark. If you get too close to the ol’ Shark, you’re gonna be fish food.

Interestingly, one of the first places where you’ll meet a Shark in the game is when you reach one of the Purple Markers on your GPS. Specifically, it’s the one where you must swim out and climb aboard a derelict lifeboat. As you swim out to board the raft, the Shark shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. However, as you swim your way back to the island, the Shark will be waiting to ambush you.

Image Source: Endnight Games via Twinfinite

Thankfully, aboard the raft is a Pistol, which is the ideal weapon to kill a Shark in Sons of the Forest. Of course, aiming for the head of the Shark will deal the most damage, but it may take a few bullets to dispatch the marine predator.

If you’re looking to save some Pistol ammo, though, you may want to consider throwing a Crafted Spear instead. Again, it may take a couple of Spears to slay the beast, but at least you’ll have saved yourself some precious Pistol ammo, right?

Finally, another area that you’ll likely meet a Shark is near the place where you find the Rebreather. You’ve been warned!

So, what do you know: That’s everything you need to know about how to kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest. For more, here’s how to get a Cross in the game. Alternatively, feel free to peruse the relevant links down below.

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