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How to Get the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest in Final Fantasy XIV

Image Source: Square Enix

How to Get the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest in Final Fantasy XIV

Time to hop back over to the moon!

Patch 6.35 officially dropped on March 7, 2023, for the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion bringing an abundance of exciting new content with it, including one of the arguably most desired beast tribes in the game so far. The adorable Loporrits, which first made their appearance during the Main Quest storyline of Endwalker, have now finally established themselves as the newest and last Beast Tribe Quest in the expansion, with new lore-filled quests and rewards to pursue. Here is everything you need to know about how to get the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest.

If you’ve never done a Beast Tribe Quest before in FFXIV, it is a special sidequest line that has been included in each expansion since A Realm Reborn. They involve assisting beast clans that live within the respective areas of each expansion, completing a certain number of quests given by them on a daily basis and receiving special currencies that can be traded for tiered rewards provided by a vendor within that clan.

Final Fantasy XIV Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest Guide

Final Fantasy XIV how to start beast tribe quests.
Image Source: Square Enix

In order to first start Beast Tribes in the game, you must complete the Main Story up to “In Pursuit of the Past.” This Main Scenario Quest is available when your character reaches Level 41, right after the quest “The Heretic Among Us”. All completed and in-progress quests by expansion and distinction can be viewed anytime in the Journal via the dashboard menu.

Upon completing “In Pursuit of the Past”, five more quests will become available at your respective Grand Company Hall that correspond to the five beast tribe quests available in A Realm Reborn.

Make note that beast tribe quests in each expansion have different class requirements. Some will require leveled combat classes, while others require either leveled crafting (Disciple of the Hand) classes or gathering (Disciple of the Land) classes to complete their quests.

What Is Required to Start the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest?

Final Fantasy XIV how to start loporrit beast tribe quests.
Image Source: Square Enix

All Beast Tribe Quests require both a Main Scenario Quest pre-requisite and a class pre-requisite. In order to start the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest, you will need to have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Endwalker“, as well as the Level 80 sidequest “Dream a Little Dream”, which is given by the Loporrit NPC Dreamingway in Mare Lamentorum.

Note that the sidequest “Dream a Little Dream” becomes available at the end of the Mare Lamentorum side quest chain beginning with the “Dream that Way” quest.

Once those are complete, the first quest for the Loporrit Beast Tribe will become available, also in Mare Lamentorum. The name of the quest is “Must Be Dreaming(way)”, and requires a Level 80 Crafting (Disciple of the Hand) Class.

How to Complete the Loporrit Beast Tribe Quests & Its Rewards in Fantasy XIV

As usual, you will have up to 3 available errand quests to complete every day that contribute towards your Reputation rank with the Beast Tribe. This rank can be viewed anytime in your Character menu. Upon completion of these quests, you’ll receive both Reputation points and Loporrit Carat currency that you can exchange for rewards from the Loporrit Vendor. The number of Carats you have on hand can be viewed anytime under the Currency Menu.

Each new tier of Reputation that you achieve with the tribe, from Respected up to Bloodsworn, will bring new quests as well as new rewards such as minions and a mount, so be sure to check with the Vendor often.

That concludes our guide for how to get the Loporrits Beast Tribe Quest in Final Fantasy XIV. Be sure to check out our other guides for Final Fantasy XIV, which includes more to come regarding the new content in Patch 6.35.

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