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How to Get Deep Explorer Armor in Destiny 2


How to Get Deep Explorer Armor in Destiny 2

Deep fashion.

Destiny 2 features many iconic armor sets that can let players equip their Guardians with fashionable looks. Between the ability to apply armor shaders and mix and match armor sets via transmogrification, the possibilities for fashion are nearly endless. When searching for high-stat armor to complete a build, players may set their eyes on the Deep Explorer armor set – but its location in the game is not immediately obvious. Here is how players can get the Deep Explorer Armor set in Destiny 2.

Getting The Deep Explorer Armor Set In Destiny 2 Explained

The Deep Explorer Armor can be obtained by players as they make their way through the Duality Dungeon. Duality is no walk in the park, so players may wish to bring their friends along for the experience. To find the armor set, players will have a chance of obtaining it when they complete the encounters inside the dungeon.

Unfortunately, in Destiny 2, the loot system can be unforgiving and very RNG based, which means players may not even see any Deep Explorer gear during a run. For this reason, players who are looking for this awesome set will need to grind the dungeon until they get the set – even longer if they are targeting a specific roll for their gear.

Additionally, with a different set of armor for each of the three classes, players can anticipate spending a lot of time in the Duality dungeon. Thankfully, there are also some good weapons in the dungeon also worth grinding so players can kill two birds with one stone.

With enough time and dedication to the Duality dungeon, players can obtain the entire Deep Explorer Armor set and reach the pinnacle of Destiny fashion.

For more information on Destiny 2, including item locations and character builds, check out our guides – and become the strongest Guardian.

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