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How to Fix emp.dll Not Found Error Hogwarts Legacy

how to fix emp.dll not found error in hogwarts legacy
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How to Fix emp.dll Not Found Error Hogwarts Legacy

A quick and easy fix to the “emp.dll Not Found” error.

So, you went to boot up Hogwarts Legacy and, for whatever reason, your PC is telling you that the emp.dll is not found. It’s certainly a bit alarming, not to mention a necessary file that’s required to get Hogwarts Legacy running. If you’re experiencing the emp.dll Not Found error in Hogwarts Legacy, we’ll show you how to fix it.

How to Fix emp.dll Not Found Error in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll quickly notice without the emp.dll file, Hogwarts Legacy won’t even launch. That’s obviously a big problem, so here’s what you do:

  1. Repair Hogwarts Legacy through Steam.

    If the emp.dll file is missing from your copy of the game, Steam has a handy tool for restoring any missing and or corrupted files by simply repairing the game. Right-click the game in your library > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

  2. Repair Hogwarts Legacy through the Epic Games Launcher.

    If you purchased a copy of Hogwarts Legacy from Epic Games, the launcher also has a way to repair the game and restore the missing emp.dll file. Click on the three dots next to Hogwarts Legacy > Manage > Verify.

  3. Reinstall Hogwarts Legacy.

    In the event that repairing the game doesn’t work, you can return a copy of the emp.dll file by reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy. Before you uninstall, be sure to backup your save files.

And with that, you now have all that you need for fixing the emp.dll Not Found error in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s honestly a really quick fix if you aren’t forced to reinstall the game as repairing tends to only take a few minutes. With that said, if you found this guide helpful, you’ll find plenty of related content using those links below.

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