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How to Assign Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Hotkeys Guide
Image Source: Endnight

How to Assign Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

No more going in and out of your backpack.

Players who have picked up the recently released sequel to The Forest will know that while the game definitely delivers in many ways, it can also fall short to do so at times. Sons of the Forest features an expansive inventory and backpack system, but it did not initially include the ability to hotkey tools or weapons leaving many players frustrated with the need to constantly go in and out of menus to get what they are wanting. This can be especially annoying while you are mid-combat or exploration, so if you are wondering how to assign hotkeys in Sons of the Forest simply read on below.

Assigning Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

Assigning hotkeys, while new to the game, is thankfully easy to do. All you are going to need to do is head into your inventory by pressing “I” on your keyboard. From there, mouse over the tool or weapon that you want to use on a hotkey bind. While you are still hovering over your selected item, you will notice a box in its top right corner. It should be empty at first, but once you press a number on your keyboard it will reflect your chosen number as shown below.

Hotkey Tool Sons of the Forest
Image source: Endnight via Twinfinite

To check which numbers you can assign as hotkeys, go to your settings and have a look at your keyboard controls. You can see the numbers there and can also change them to controls of your liking. Once you have set a weapon or tool as one of your assigned hotkey controls, all you will have to do during gameplay is press that button.

For instance, if your Katana is set as the number “1” on your keyboard, just press it to pull it out. You can then toggle between other tools or weapons by pressing their designated hotkey control, too. This is a lot more simple than the game’s previous backpack or inventory system.

That is all you need to know about how to assign hotkeys in Sons of the Forest, so get assigned and stop slowing yourself down with the inventory menus. If you are interested in viewing some related content, simply have a look below for similar articles or head back to Twinfinite’s homepage for more gaming guides and news.

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