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How to Summon Infinite Threadlings in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Strand
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How to Summon Infinite Threadlings in Destiny 2

Unlimited Po- Threadlings.

With the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, Guardians will receive access to the new Stand subclass — provided that they can complete the campaign. With this comes a host of powerful new abilities for players to unlock and mess around with, whether they want to try their hand at PvE or PvP. However, as discussed in previous guides, the Warlock — otherwise known as the best class in Destiny — has a brand new Stand subclass called Broodweaver. One of the key elements of this is summoning Threadlings in combat. Here is how players can summon infinite Threadlings in Destiny 2.

How Players Can Summon Infinite Threadlings In Destiny 2

Threadlings are an interesting element of the new Strand subclass. They are small, green, worm-like creatures that move out from the player and seek out enemies in the area. When they reach their target, they will then detonate, causing an explosion in quite a sizable radius. To make this even more potent, there are a lot of synergizing abilities that Warlocks can take to ensure that they have Threadlings to do their bidding at all times.

On top of the Threadlings being destructive, as a Broodweaver Warlock, they can be “perched” on the player. Up to 5 Threadlings can be perched, which means if they do not find a target they will return to the Warlock, and will attack the next target that they can find when the Warlock uses an ability.

Getting Ready To Summon Infinite Threadlings In Destiny 2

The first thing that players will want to do is equip the brand new exotic Warlock leg armor Swarmers. These special boots allow the player to summon Threadlings whenever they destroy a Strand Tangle. These Tangles can be created by Unraveling targets with Strand abilities. The Tangles can be shot, or picked up and thrown at enemies for damage.

Since players will be Unraveling a lot of enemies, there will always be Strand Tangles around to destroy, and hence the Swarmers will live up to their name and provide them with a lot of Threadlings.

However, there are even more ways to get Threadlings in Destiny 2 Lightfall.


Aspects in Destiny 2 are part of what makes up the core of a subclass, and with Strand, the only real aspects that players will need for this build will be those that affect Threadlings. Thankfully the two available can boost them up. The aspects players will want are as follows:

Weaver’s Call: Causes your Rift to deploy 3 Threadlings when used, in addition to any Perched Threadlings. Generates 2 Fragment Slots.

Mindspun Invocation: Can be used with the Threadling grenade to charge it, instantly gaining 5 perched Threadlings.


Fragments allow players to change up their build to become customized to their liking. For a Warlock who wants to summon lots of Threadlings, they will need to ensure that they select Fragments that specialize in them. The recommended Fragments are:

Thread of Finality: Finisher Final Blows Create Threadlings. Increases Recovery by 10.

Thread of Rebirth: Strand final weapon blows have a chance to create a Threadling.

Thread of Evolution: Threadlings travel further and deal additional damage. Increases Intelligence by 10.

Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy. Decreases Discipline by 10.


The mods that players will want to use will need to bolster a few different parts of their builds. For one, if they do not have 100 Discipline and 100 Recovery, they will need to ensure they hit these breakpoints. This is because the Threadling Grenade and Healing Rift will generate Threadlings when used. 

Additionally, players will want to spring for any builds that can reset or lower their grenade and Rift cooldowns, such as Grenade Kickstart, and Bomber mods.

Then once cooldowns are taken care of, players can choose mods that complement their weapons and playstyle via the Reloader and Targeting mods.

Go Forth And Summon Threadlings

With this build, players will be able to use almost every one of their abilities to generate Threadlings. Whether using their grenade, or breaking Stand Tangles, using a Healing Rift, or even just shooting enemies with Strand weapons, players will be swarming the field with an infinite stream of Threadlings.

With this in mind, players will be able to clear almost any content with this powerful and explosive infinite Threadling build.

For more tips and tricks on how to play the brand new Strand subclass in Destiny 2 Lightfall, check out our other guides and become the ultimate Guardian.

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