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How Long Is Hollow Knight? Answered

Hollow Knight Official Art.
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How Long Is Hollow Knight? Answered

This is how many hours you will be in Hallownest.

Hollow Knight is considered a Souls-like game with brutal combat that may cause some players to drop the title. There’s nothing to be ashamed of because some people play to challenge themselves, while others play to relax. However, if you want to pick up the game, you may be interested to know how long it takes to complete Hollow Knight.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Beat Hollow Knight?

According to HowLongToBeat, most players can finish Hollow Knight’s main story in 26 hours and a half, but you can reach 40 hours of playtime if you also aim to beat the DLCs. For completionists, you can get past 60 hours mark to reach 112 percent completion (that’s correct, not 100 percent) in the game.

Personally, I needed more than 30 hours to beat the base game, mainly because I had a questionable sense of direction, and it was the first Souls-like game I picked up. If you are a veteran Souls player, you should be able to reach the first ending in less time.

On the other hand, people who are new to this genre may require more hours to defeat Hollow Knight‘s bosses. The game also contains several endings, and if you want to witness all of them, you can squeeze more playtime out of the title.

You can even try the ultimate platforming challenge, called the Path of Pain in White Palace, which may take you one to two hours to finish if you are decent at platforming. Sadly, it may take more than five hours for those who are bad at it (if you somehow persist in completing this madness), but expert players may be able to reach the end relatively quickly.

Hollow Knight also has several expansions that you can buy, and again, your playtime will depend on your skill. The DLCs add a bunch of bosses that can make you question your life decisions, but if you are addicted to pain, you can also attempt completing the Boss Rush challenge in the Godmaster expansion.

You can go even further by becoming a completionist and reaching 112 percent completion. First, you will need to get the usual 100 percent, and then you must finish Hollow Knight in Steel Soul mode, where you must beat the game without dying.

That is everything you need to know on how long it takes to complete Hollow Knight. Twinfinite has more articles about the game that you can read before heading out into Hallownest.

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