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Has Deku Ever Killed Anyone in My Hero Academia? Answered

Has Deku Killed Anyone in My Hero Academia Deku Mask
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Has Deku Ever Killed Anyone in My Hero Academia? Answered

Killer hero or killer in general?

In a world with superhero powers bestowed on 80% of the population, there’s a big question of whether or not heroes have killed knowingly or unknowingly. In a world like My Hero Academia where there are quirks useful for household chores and some that are so powerful they can level cities, it’s hard to know whether or not those with super-meta powers like Deku or Endeavor have taken someone’s life. So, has Deku ever killed anyone in My Hero Academia? Here are the best answers readers and viewers have.

Is Deku a Murderer? 

My Hero Academia Deku thinking about killing people
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It seems against Izuku Midoriya’s moral code to kill anyone, including villains. The fight between Deku and Tomura Shigaraki proves this, as Deku has repeatedly told the vestiges of All for One that he doesn’t plan on taking Shigaraki’s life and wants to save him. 

However, some of his lines in the show contradict this, and there have been times when he’s been lost in a battle and raged in the same way that Katsuki Bakugo does. However, these seem to be slip-ups and things he doesn’t mean to say in the same way that going all-in with his abilities on an opponent isn’t an attempt on their life.

Has Deku Accidentally Killed Anyone?

Has Deku accidentally killed someone in My Hero Academia
Image via Bones Inc.

My Hero Academia doesn’t answer the question of whether or not heroes leave fallout, like civilian casualties, in massive battles. There are some heroes who address the fact that Quirks can harm just as much as they can save, like Thirteen and Endeavor, but there’s no real mention of whether or not they cause people to die.

Despite the battles taking place in a city square that would definitely harm people realistically, it seems like it’s just fun animation and a fantasy world. The Hero Safety Commission makes a big deal about heroes killing people, with examples like Lady Nagant and Hawks showing the fallout that can happen when they do. It’s unlikely that heroes could commonly accidentally kill someone with their quirk and keep their hero license. 

That’s everything we can deduce about whether Deku has killed anyone in My Hero Academia. What do you think? Do you think his quirk has accidentally taken the life of anyone nearby?

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