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Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Aether.
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Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Quest Guide

A tricky world quest in Enkanomiya.

Besides Archon Quests that move the main plot, Genshin Impact also features various side missions players can take during their journey in Teyvat. Some are easy to find and finish, but others can be quite difficult for many people. If you want to know how to complete the Lotus Eater World Quest in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Complete Lotus Eater Quest in Genshin Impact

The Lotus Eater World Quest is a tricky mission since you may never know its existence unless you’re curious and love exploring. The quest can be found in Enkanomiya, and you need to travel to the northwest Waypoint in the Serpent’s Heart. Once there, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find the cave on the north side of the island.

    You can jump from the cliff and glide until you see a short ledge below you. The cave’s entrance is rather hidden, so be sure to look around.

    Genshin Lotus Eater Cave's Entrance.

  2. Enter the cave and find an opening in the wall.

    A Ruin Destroyer will be nearby, and you may have to defeat it before proceeding.

    Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Cave's opening.

  3. Walk through the opening and activate the Altar Pattern inside.

    You will encounter another enemy here.

    Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Altar Pattern.

  4. Remember the order of the symbols.

    Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Altar Pattern Symbol.

  5. Teleport back to the previous Waypoint and input the symbols into the Altar at the Serpent’s Heart.

    You can input the symbols into the Altar by walking through the translucent doors with the corresponding icons.

    Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Altar.

  6. Talk to the ghost to begin the Lotus Eater World Quest.

    If you enter the symbols in the correct order, a ghost will appear in the center of the Altar.

    Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Ghost.

  7. Find the Ancient Stone Tablet nearby.

    The ghost will ask you to help them remember their identity, and you can find their name in the Ancient Stone Tablet.

    Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Stone Tablet.

  8. Return to the ghost and tell them their name.

    If you skip through the dialogues or have a short memory (no shame, I have one, too), the answer is Supada no Hiko. They will ask you to find their children and give you a password that you will need to say later.

  9. Change to Whitenight.

    You can use the mechanism nearby to change to Whitenight. You may need it to solve the next puzzle if you haven’t done so in another quest.

    Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Mechanism.

  10. Teleport to the Narrows and follow the objective marker to find the secret area.

    You must drop down another cliff and glide your way to the hidden ledge below.

  11. Solve the puzzle.

    I’ve solved the hanging lights puzzle before, so the path is already unlocked. If you haven’t, you must hit the triangle mechanisms to move the lamps behind them. You will need to put the lights into the correct positions, and the answers from left to right are top, bottom, and middle.

    Genshin Impact Hanging Lights Puzzle.

  12. Switch to Evernight.

    You will discover another mechanism inside the ruin, and you need to change back to Evernight so the ghost will appear.

    Genshin Impact Evernight.

  13. Talk to the ghost and say the password.

    They are in a room near you, but you will have to glide past the big hole in the floor. They won’t trust you until you tell them the password, “After the sun, the darkness starts…

  14. Teleport to Evernight Temple and obtain the waters of Lethe

    Genshin Impact Waters of Lethe.

  15. Pour the waters of Lethe into the Dragonbone Flower.

    You need to go to the Serpent Bowels and climb a massive flower. After you pour the waters of Lethe into the plant, you must wait for the next Daily Reset to receive the Dragonbone Orb.

    Genshin Impact Dragonbone flower.

Completing the Lotus Eater World Quest will grant you the Dragonbone Orb. It does not have any use, but you can sell it to a Souvenir Shop and get 80,000 Mora.

That is the end of our guide on how to complete the Lotus Eater World Quest in Genshin Impact. Twinfinite has more articles about the game below, so be sure to check them out before returning to Teyvat.

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