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Every All for One User & Quirk Power in My Hero Academia, Explained

User of One for All Deku
Image via Bones Inc.

Every All for One User & Quirk Power in My Hero Academia, Explained

Here’s all the powers Deku can use through One for All.

The My Hero Academia anime has started showing off all the vestiges’ quirks included in All for One. Deku can use all of these, and as a result, some of the fight scenes are already getting confusing in the anime. Luckily, the manga has already explained all of them. Here is every All for One user and quirk power in My Hero Academia.

First User: Yoichi, Quirk: Transference

One for All user Yoichi
Image via Bones Inc.

The first user of One for All is Yoichi, the younger brother of All for One. His quirk is essentially Transference, which meant that he could transfer quirks to other people. On the surface, this doesn’t look like a quirk, and it was only discovered after One for All forced a quirk onto Yoichi that let him stockpile power and become extra strong.

Together, the quirks formed One for All, the natural opposite and enemy of All for One. Deku hasn’t really used this quirk from One for All yet, unless you count the not-meta movie Heroes Rising. In this movie, Deku passes the quirk to Katsuki Bakugo for a brief time. 

Second User: Unnamed, Quirk: Gearshift

Second user and quirk of One for All
Image via Bones Inc.

The second user of All for One doesn’t have a name, but he was the leader of a group against One for All back when the first user was still alive. In fact, the second user rescued Yoichi, which led to him getting All for One. Like other abilities in All for One, Gearshift grew exponentially, and Deku can use it in ways that the second user couldn’t.

His quirk is Gearshift, which allows the user to speed up objects. Deku uses it to speed himself up, which he uses to move so quickly that he breaks a sound barrier in one crucial fight towards the end.

Third User: Unnamed, Quirk: Fa Jin

Third vestige of One for All
Image via Bones Inc.

Similar to the second user of All for One, the third user isn’t named either. He was part of the same group against One for All that the second user led, and that’s about all the information fans have about him as a person.

His quirk, Fa Jin, is a bit intricate. Users are able to store up kinetic energy, which Deku showed off in Season 6 by constantly moving his legs. This energy can be used all at once to power up the user, even making them quicker. Essentially, this amplifies many of the other powers of All for One and lets Deku be both stronger and faster.

Fourth User: Hikage Shinomori, Quirk: Danger Sense

Fourth user of One for All
Image via Bones Inc.

Beyond being useful for household chores, the third user of One for All Hikage Shinomori had an interesting quirk. Shinomori was an interesting user and recognized that he wouldn’t be able to take down All for One. Therefore, he spent 18 years living in the forest to refine his quirk, knowing that it would be up to future generations to take the villain down.

Danger Sense lets the user sense danger. On its own, it’s a great support-type quirk. When combined with other quirks within One for All, it gives Deku the ability to support himself while going all-out offensively. 

Fifth User: Daigoro Banjo, Quirk: Blackwhip

Fifth vestige and quirk of One for All
Image via Bones Inc.

Daigoro Banjo is one of the most iconic vestiges of One for All because of his personality along with the fact that his quirk is the first one that Deku uses. 

The quirk is Blackwhip, which uses energy to create long-range tendrils that have a variety of uses. Deku’s used them to restrain enemies as well as to get around in general (especially before he had the quirk of the seventh user). While Deku initially froze up while trying to use Blackwhip, he’s gained control over it and relies on it heavily in combat. 

Sixth User: En, Quirk: Smokescreen

En One for All user and quirk
Image via Bones Inc.

Not much is known about En, the sixth user of One for All. He was ultimately killed by Nana Shimura and gave her a piece of hair in order to pass on One for All, the same method that Deku and All Might used to receive One for All.

Smokescreen lets the user create large amounts of smoke. This obscures vision, making it a really handy tool to hide from enemies. On its own, this could be bad for the user as well, but Deku’s usage of Danger Sense covers this weakness. 

Seventh User: Nana Shimura, Quirk: Float

Nana Shimura One for All user
Image via Bones Inc.

Nana Shimura is All Might’s mentor and a friend of Gran Torino, one of Deku’s mentors. She had a son, Kotaro, but abandoned him out of fear of All for One. This led Kotaro to become hateful of heroes, and his son, Tenko Shimura, for wanting to be like heroes. Tenko, also known as Tomura Shigaraki, ultimately destroyed his family with his quirk and became the All for One’s puppet. 

Float is a fairly simple quirk that lets the user simply float. However, combined with the actual strength part of One for All, Nana was a successful hero.

Eighth User: Toshinori Yagi AKA All Might, Quirk: None

All Might smile One for All user
Image via Bones Inc.

All Might, the Symbol of Peace and Number One hero for part of My Hero Academia, is the eighth wielder of One for All. He used the stockpile part of the quirk to become the best and usher in a new generation of heroes and hero society that some don’t agree with, including both villains and heroes. 

Before receiving One for All, All Might was actually quirkless. This could be why he takes pity on Deku and gives him One for All (among other reasons discussed in the manga/anime). He’s who many of the class 1-A students look up to both as a teacher and a hero.

Ninth User: Izuku Midoriya, Quirk: Quirkless

Deku One for All user
Image via Bones Inc.

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the ninth and (supposedly) last user of One for All. His tenacity and heroism before he had a quirk led All Might to pass on the One for All torch and train him. He’s incredibly smart and known for his quick and accurate strategies. 

While Deku didn’t have a quirk before One for All, he’s the only user of One for All that can use quirks from previous users. Combined with his tactical mind, he’s able to overcome almost every enemy he’s encountered. 

That’s every All for One User and Quirk Power in My Hero Academia. How do you think Deku will utilize these quirks in order to save the day? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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