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Does John Wick Chapter 4 Have an End Credits Scene? Answered

Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4

Does John Wick Chapter 4 Have an End Credits Scene? Answered

We answer whether or not John Wick Chapter 4 has an end credits scene.

As John Wick Chapter 4’s March 24th release looms, fans are getting increasingly anxious to have their burning questions answered. One of the most pressing is: Does John Wick Chapter 4 have an end credits scene? Fret not! We have the answer.

Is There a Post-Credits Scene for John Wick Chapter 4? Answered

No, John Wick Chapter 4 does not have an end credits scene. It doesn’t really need one, either. None of the John Wick movies do. This installment ends on a rousing enough note to render a post-credits tease unnecessary (you will see why when the movie’s out).

Also, consider that the film’s runtime clocks in at just under three hours, making it the longest entry in the franchise. With that in mind, it has more than enough time to do what it needs to do and then leave us on an incredibly high note. To add an end credits sequence would be to risk softening the movie’s impact and leaving audiences scratching their heads.

John Wick Chapter 4 is almost upon us, meaning hype for the latest Keanu Reeves-led action flick has never been more intense. Since it has been nearly four years since the previous installment, Parabellum, fans are understandably excited to see what’s in store for Chapter 4.

The film has already screened for critics, who praised its action sequences, mythology, cinematography, and new cast members (mostly Donnie Yen). Some even called it a new high point for the franchise. Also, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you should definitely check it out pronto.

Do you think John Wick Chapter 4 needs an end credits scene? Let us know!

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