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Do Enemies Respawn When You Rest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Answered

Wo Long Battle Flag.
Image Credit: Team Ninja via Twinfinite

Do Enemies Respawn When You Rest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Answered

It’s time to rest at a Bonfi – sorry, I mean, Battle Flag.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is often likened to Dark Souls and Sekiro, and it is an understandable comparison. The title contains many familiar features from the Souls games, like its great difficulty and emphasis on learning your opponents’ attack patterns. It can likewise lead to a rather pertinent question: Do enemies respawn when you rest in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

If you want to know the answer, this guide has exactly what you’re looking for.

Does Resting Make Enemies Respawn in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Answered

In this case, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also follows in the footsteps of the Souls games, as enemies do respawn whenever you rest at a Battle Flag.

Similar to the Bonfires, you can find various locations where you can place Battle Flags, which will be your way to save your progress and recover HP. Resting at them will cause every nearby enemy you may have defeated to reappear, forcing you to either defeat them again or run past them.

This will also occur with Marking Flags, which are much smaller and do not function as save points. In exchange for using them though, they will increase your Fortitude Rank and heal your character, but they won’t replenish your Dragon’s Cure Pot.

Although it may seem disheartening to get sent back to a Battle Flag and have to kill all those enemies again, you can exploit this mechanic to your advantage. You can quickly gain Morale Rank by repeatedly killing nearby opponents, returning to the Battle Flag, and repeating the process. It may make encounters against higher-level foes less challenging since they will deal less damage if your level is close to theirs.

Of course, this cheat is not foolproof since you will lose all those Morale Rank if you are killed, and your Fortitude Rank is not as high. Ultimately, you still need to get good and learn how to deflect properly.

That is everything you need to know about whether or not enemies respawn when you rest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Before leaving, consider checking out other Wo Long articles down below. They may help you on your journey in Ancient China.

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