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Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Release Date & Spoilers

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Release Date
Key Art by Tatsuki Fujimoto and Shonen Jump

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Release Date & Spoilers

Falling into despair.

The Chainsaw Man manga is heating up thanks to the start of a new story arc and the introduction of a new Devil. Asa and Yoru have never encountered a threat of the magnitude this villain represents, and it’s still unclear how or if they’ll be able to overcome it. This has likely left you eager to know what comes next, and when you can dig into the next chapter. As such, we’re here to help with a guide detailing the Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 release date and spoilers.

When Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Come Out? Answered

To start, let’s get this out of the way: Chainsaw Man chapter 124 is set to release on Mar. 28, 2023. This puts its release back within the bi-weekly pattern that the series typically follows, but that it broke away from for Chapter 123.

It will release sometime between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. PST via the official Shonen Jump website and app, and won’t be available sooner via less legal means due to the fact that it’s published digitally instead of via print. This means that you won’t have to worry about spoilers popping up in the days leading up to its release if you’re the type that would prefer to see the story developments for yourself.

What Will Happen in Chainsaw Man Chapter 124?

If, on the other hand, you do want to know what happens in the upcoming chapter, we can at least provide you with some theories based on what’s happened in the series recently.

As Chapter 123 revealed, the new adversary coming after Asa and Yoru are known as the Falling Devil. Given its overwhelming power and ability to dredge up Asa’s negative feelings related to her past traumas, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to overcome it without assistance from others or a big moment of character growth that lets her move forward from what’s happened to her.

As such, Chapter 124 will likely go one of two ways. The first would see Asa saved by Denji or another character, after which she’ll need to grapple with her past traumas and find a way forward so that she isn’t caught off guard by an enemy again. The second would see her move forward on her own, pushing past what’s happened to her so that she can overcome the Falling Devil on her own.

As always though, this is just speculation based on the current story threads that have yet to be wrapped up. It’s just as likely that Fujimoto will introduce an entirely new thread that throws all of our predictions into disarray, or that he’ll wrap them up in a way we never saw coming. We won’t know for sure until the chapter is released and we can see for ourselves.

And with that, you have all the available information regarding the Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 release date and spoilers. Be sure to check out our related articles down below, as they’ll help you stay up to date on all the latest information related to the series.

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