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All Shiny Beasts & Their Colors in Hogwarts Legacy

Image Source: Avalanche Software

All Shiny Beasts & Their Colors in Hogwarts Legacy

Gotta catch ’em all, Potter!

Pokemon and Harry Potter fans rejoice; not only is there a game where you can live out your wizardry dreams and explore Hogwarts, but you can apparently go on your own hunt for exotic and unique creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. That’s right, the game has Shinies, sort of. Here is everything you need to know about all of the Beasts with stars in Hogwarts Legacy.

How Many Shiny Beasts Are in Hogwarts Legacy?

In total, 12 of the 13 beasts that are in Hogwarts Legacy can be caught as a shiny, with each of them having four different variations: Adult Shiny (Male), Adult Shiny (Female), Offspring Shiny (Male), and Offspring Shiny (Female).

Between a male and a female, you won’t see too much of a difference, though the later is a bit more slender and shapely. Both offspring also look pretty much identical and are obviously just significantly small than their parents in stature.

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All Hogwarts Legacy Shiny Colors

Below, we’ve listed all of the ones that can be made, as well as the color or combination of colors that best describes them.

  • Diricawl (Pale/White)
  • Fwooper (Pale/Albino)
  • Giant Purple Toad (Albino Purple)
  • Graphorn (Albino)
  • Hippogriff (Grey)
  • Jobberknoll (Pale)
  • Kneazle (Brownish-Gold/Yellow)
  • Mooncalf (White)
  • Niffler (Pale)
  • Puffskein (White)
  • Thestral (Silver/White)
  • Unicorn (Gold)

How to Farm Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to get shinies so that you can breed them in order to make even more, leading to variants of every species, there’s a pretty simple trick that you can follow. The first thing to do is to make sure you find the den for whatever beast you’re trying to find.

Once you’ve zeroed in on that location, you’ll want to manually save, just in case you happen upon the shiny beast on your first try. To tell if you’ve got one in front of you, get just close enough to where you can zoom in and view the creature’s name without scaring it, as the nametag will have a twinkling star symbol right next to the gender.

beasts with stars
Image Source: Avalanche Software

If you don’t see this twinkle, which is more likely, head just out of the line-of-site of the den, open up the map, and hit R3 to wait, cycling the day and night. Once you’ve done that, save, and then reload that save, respawning a new beast and increasing the possibility that it’ll be a shiny.

After you’ve captured one of these Shiny beasts, it will appear in your Vivarium. From here, you can now use it and others you’ve collected to breed offspring variants so that you can have the full collection.

Just do this with each den until you find a beast with stars in Hogwarts Legacy and you’ll have them all in no time. For more on the game, be sure to check out all of the other related guides we’ve got right down below.

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