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All Hogwarts Legacy Choices & Consequences

The House Cup Mission
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All Hogwarts Legacy Choices & Consequences

Change your fate.

Almost every quest in Hogwarts Legacy features various dialogue options that can relatively shape your journey as a student and Ancient Magic wielder. While some don’t affect the storyline in the long run, others can provide powerful spells and intriguing cutscenes. So, if you want to know more about this crucial aspect of the game, here are all the choices and consequences of Hogwarts Legacy.

Choices & Consequences in Hogwarts Legacy, Explained

To start, your choices throughout your adventure don’t necessarily impact the outcome of the entire game, so you don’t have to worry too much about making the wrong selection. The most important decisions are primarily to do with your house and Sebastian Sallow’s Relationship quests, including Common Rooms and the Unforgivable curses.

When you can give or take an item in a side mission, each character will more or less perform the same reaction (get mad at you if you steal it or be gracious if you give it to them.) In addition, players can sometimes charge a fee for specific tasks, like in Flying Off The Shelves, and get some extra pocket change (the student/adult will get angry regardless.)

Any choices that are left out from this list will relatively have a similar end result and not produce a unique cutscene. However, as mentioned before, most decisions will not influence you to go down a dark or heroic path, and it’s moreso a chance to learn about a particular topic.

Sorting Hat

SlytherinSlytherin Common Room and Scrope’s Last Hope house exclusive quest.
GryffindorGryffindor Common Room and The Hunt for the Missing Pages house exclusive quest.
HufflepuffHufflepuff Common Room and Prisoner of Love house exclusive quest.
RavenclawRavenclaw Common Room and Ollivander’s Heirloom house exclusive quest.

Attend Your First Day at Hogwarts

Lie to Professor WeasleyProfessor Weasley will continue to suspect you, and Fig will commend you for your deceptive skills.
Tell the truth to Professor WeasleyYou only tell her a brief explanation of your journey, and Fig will question you about what you told her (a similar choice comes up shortly after with the same result.)
Go to Hogsmeade with Sebastian SallowLearn more about Sebastian (he will help you with the Troll battle.)
Go to Hogsmeade with Natsai OnaiLearn more about Natsai (she will help you with the Troll battle.)

Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns

Give Garreth Weasley Fwooper Feather in Potions classGet scolded by Professor Sharp.
Don’t give Garreth Weasley Fwooper Feather in Potions classGarreth will get into trouble anyway, and Professor Sharp will appreciate that you stayed on task.
Tell Natsai the truth in The Girl from UagadouNatty will know the truth about your Ancient Magic abilities.
Don’t tell Natsai the truth in The Girl from UagadouNatty will respect your decision.

In the Shadow of the Undercroft

Choices Consequences
Tell the truth to SebastianSebastian will keep your Ancient Magic abilities a secret.
Don’t tell Sebastian the truthSebastian will be disappointed that you didn’t tell him the truth.
Tell Ominis that Sebastian showed you the UndercroftOminis will think Sebastian is a rat and will instruct you not to tell anyone about the secret hideout.
Tell Ominis that you stumbled upon the UndercroftOminus will ridicule you for lying to him.

In the Shadow of the Study

Refuse to learn the Unforgivable curseYou don’t obtain Crucio, and Sebastian will cast it on you to open the door.
Learn the Unforgivable curse, but ask Sebastian to cast it on youLearn Crucio, and Sebastian will launch it on you to open the door.
Learn the Unforgivable curse and cast it on SebastianLearn Crucio and use it on Sebastian (he will bravely accept it.)

In the Shadow of Time

Learn the Unforgivable CurseObtain Imperio.
Refuse to learn the Unforgivable curseDon’t acquire Imperio.
Leave the relic aloneSebastian will take the item regardless.
Take the relicSebastian will take the item for Anne.
Talk to Sebastian with OminisLet Sebastian take the relic, but make him promise to stop his Dark Arts path.
Don’t side with OminisCast Imperio on Ominis to leave the catacomb.

San Bakar’s Trial

Kneel to the GraphornThe Graphorn will allow you to ride it.
Attack the GraphornYou will force the Graphorn to take you to the trial.

In the Shadow of the Relic

Refuse to learn the Killing CurseYou won’t know Avada Kedavra.
Learn the Killing CurseObtain Avada Kedavra.

In the Shadow of Fate

Turn Sebastian inSebastian will be expelled from Hogwarts and sent to Azkaban. Ominis will also replace him at the end of the main storyline, and you can’t learn any Unforgivable Curses (if you previously chose not to.)
Don’t report SebastianSebastian won’t be expelled, and you can tell him the truth about Anne’s curse during the Shadow of Friendship quest. Furthermore, you can learn any missable Unforgivable curses.

The Final Repository

Contain the RepositoryBecome the new Keeper of Ancient Magic, and Professor Fig will die trying to contain it (“good” path.)
Open the RepositoryUnleash the power of Ancient Magic, and Fig will die instantly afterward (“evil” path.)
Keep the Ancient Magic a secret for nowProfessor Fig will respect your decision.
Keep the Ancient Magic a secret foreverProfessor Fig will respect your decision.

Minding Your Own Business (PlayStation Exclusive Quest)

Free PennyPenny will be grateful and will continue to help you with the shop.
Don’t free PennyPenny will help you run the shop.

Those who chose not to learn the Unforgivable curses during Sebastian’s questline can acquire them later in the Undercroft as long as they don’t turn him in. Despite any decisions you make, you’ll always conclude the tale with the final House Cup mission and continue your studies, regardless of any “good” or “bad” options you previously selected.

That does it for our guide on all choices and consequences in Hogwarts Legacy. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below.

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