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All Baby Eagle Is Missing Answers (Resident Evil 4 Prequel Browser Game)

Baby Eagle is Missing start screen
Image Source: Capcom

All Baby Eagle Is Missing Answers (Resident Evil 4 Prequel Browser Game)

Let’s find her!

The Resident Evil 4 remake will be released on March 24, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. Before that happens, its creators have created an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) for fans to whet their appetite for the game. Here are all Baby Eagle is missing answers (Resident Evil 4 prequel game).

All Baby Eagle Is Missing Puzzle Game Answers

Here are all Baby Eagle is missing answers for the Resident Evil 4 prequel game to find Ashley Graham (code name: Baby Eagle).

Baby Eagle Is Missing Puzzle Game 1 Answer

Baby Eagle is missing Puzzle 1
Image Source: Capcom

The first puzzle game will put you in situations via a Chat Room, where many different agents give you all the information you need to uncover the truth. The first piece of evidence you’re given has been shredded, and you must piece it together as if it was a puzzle to find out what it says.

To do so, you must put the pieces together as it’s a jigsaw puzzle. Once you’ve put it together, you need to use the magnifying glass to locate the key piece of information needed to advance.

The clue you’re looking for is on the top-right side of the manifest. There you’ll find where the bad guys have taken Baby Eagle to Harrison Airfield Suite 400. Introduce this information into the chat room, and you’ll get access to the second puzzle game.

Baby Eagle Is Missing Puzzle Game 2 Answer

Baby Eagle is missing puzzle 2
Image Source: Capcom

You’re given a photograph of one of the dead mercenary‘s hand. The picture has some military dog tags on the left, and a small newspaper clipping on the opposite side. On the top-right side, you can see the bad guy has a tattoo on his arm that reads 0 CRED. These are all the clues you get to find the phone password that will give you access to where has Baby Eagle been taken.

You only have 4 chances to get the correct password (although if you switch back to the picture, the count will reset back to 4 every time you do it). The only important clue to solving this puzzle is the tattoo. You need to convert these letters into numbers via the phone. This is how you’ll get the correct code: 09325.  

Insert those numbers via your keypad, and unlock the phone. You also have to input the same numbers on the chat room box, so your team gets them, too. 

And that’s it! You’ve discovered the bad guys are taking Baby Eagle to Europe. Your contacts sign off saying that they’ll keep you posted, so there are possibilities for new puzzles soon. Maybe they end with some Resident Evil 4 surprises. We’ll keep you posted!

Now that you know all Baby Eagle is missing answers (Resident Evil 4 prequel game), you can look for more information and guides on the game in Twinfinite. As you can see below, we have all the answers.

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