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Will Wild Hearts Be on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Will Wild Hearts Be on Xbox Game Pass? Answered
Image via Omega Force and EA

Will Wild Hearts Be on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Will Xbox Game Pass subscribers be able to play this title free of charge?

Look, we get it: While you’d love to support a brand new IP like Wild Hearts, you’d also like to hedge your bets and hold off on dropping cash on it until you know how good it is. Either that, or you’d like to take advantage of the benefits that come with a Game Pass subscription. We aren’t judging, and that’s why we’ve compiled this guide aimed at answering the question: Will Wild Hearts Be on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

While Wild Hearts isn’t planned to be released in its entirety on Xbox Game Pass upon release, certain subscribers will be able to play a 10 hour demo of the game through the service.

More specifically, those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate level subscription will have access to this extended trial period with the game. The demo will become available four days before the title’s release on Feb. 13, and progress made in the game during this demo will carry over into a save file made from a fully purchased copy.

This was confirmed during a Reddit AMA with the game’s developers on Feb. 1, but should come as no surprise to those who are well-versed with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. One of its perks is access to games and demos related to EA Play, which allows subscribers to receive the same perks and benefits as those who are subscribed to EA Play directly. This includes a discount on EA game purchases, and the option to play an extended demo of new releases.

The fact that Wild Hearts is also a game published by EA likewise served as a good giveaway that this would be the case, and that certain subscribers would be able to test out the game before making a full purchase.

Will Wild Hearts Ever Come to Xbox Game Pass?

As for whether or not Wild Hearts will see a release on Xbox Game Pass proper at some point, we’d lean toward a no.

Most EA Play titles made available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tend to remain unavailable on the standard Xbox Game Pass as free titles. Their 10 hour demo option remains in place, and acts as a means of convincing players to purchase the full game in order to continue on past the hard stop imposed by the demo period.

Wild Hearts could become an exception at some point due to any number of factors, but this would be an unexpected exception to the norm.

Hopefully this providing the info you needed regarding whether or not Wild Hearts will be on Xbox Game Pass. For more on the game, check out any of our related content down below.

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