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Why Does Snake Fight for Ketil in Vinland Saga? Explained (Spoilers)

Snake Vinland Saga Season 2
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Why Does Snake Fight for Ketil in Vinland Saga? Explained (Spoilers)

What do you feed a snake to keep it loyal?

Snake is not a complicated man. He likes food, sleeping in, and verbally berating the farm’s elder master Sverkel in cheeky back-and-forths fit for a sitcom. But what raises questions is his presence on the farm, given his clearly superior fighting ability and natural gravitas as a leader. The roots of his allegiance remain somewhat unclear, leading many to ask why Snake fights for Ketil in Vinland Saga? We have the answers.

Why Is Snake Loyal to Ketil? Answered

Snake’s commitment to Ketil and his farm comes down to his unshakable sense of honor and balance. As we learn more about Snake’s past, we come to understand him as a beacon of justice and integrity, never shying away from doing the right thing but always willing to demonstrate compassion and temperance when necessary.

The mysterious warrior fighting way below his weight class came to the farm thinking he was going to find Iron-Fist Ketil, but was surprised to find the man running things was simply an imposter profiting off the fabled figure’s name. Snake, having nowhere else to go, kept this truth a secret, and began work on the farm as a “guard dog.”

Ketil took Snake in when he was at his most desperate, giving him a job, lodging, and food when he was on the brink of accepting his fate as a perpetually wandering, exiled soldier. Imposter or not, Ketil gave Snake a new beginning, one that he felt he was indebted to repay before his time was up.

With that debt in mind, as Canute’s army storms the beach and threatens the all-out slaughter of the farmhands and the decimation of everything Snake has worked to protect over the years, he is compelled to fight. Despite the overwhelming odds, he gears up to battle the small platoon of Jomsviking simply because it is the right thing to do.

Why Is Snake’s Fighting Against Canute in Vinland Saga?

In Chapter 90 of the manga, aptly named The Price For a Meal, Snake explains his motivations for fighting first by wanting to limit the death of as many “overconfident farmers” as possible. Then, as he divulges the truth behind Ketil’s identity, the reasoning becomes even plainer, declaring, “after all the free meals I’ve enjoyed over the years, it’s time I pay this farm back what I owe.” 

Snake’s moral compass points him towards shoring up his debt, even if it means dying to repay his food and drink tab to the farm. Once all is revealed, we’re reminded he is a simple man indeed. You feed me, I fight for you. Period.

That’s everything you need to know about why Snake fights for Ketil in Vinland Saga. If you enjoyed this content, be sure to check out more at the links below.

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