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Where To Find All Resonance Amp Code Locations in Destiny 2


Where To Find All Resonance Amp Code Locations in Destiny 2

Here’s where to find all of Resonant Amp Code locations.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph introduces a new in-game system called the Resonance Amp needed to power up your character. However, to power up, you need to collect Resonant Amp codes scattered across Europa and the Moon. There are currently 12 such codes in D2 right now, six at each location. Finding these will be tricky, so if you’re ready to find them, here’s what you need to know about where to find all the Resonance Amp Codes in Destiny 2.

Europa Resonance Amp Code Locations

Europa Resonant Amp code locations
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On Europa, there are six Resonance Amp codes in total you’ll need to collect. While searching for these, if you are in close proximity, you’ll hear the node play music to make pinpointing its location easier. These are:

  • Europa.Beyond.Cliff.Landing: Spawn in on the Exo Stranger, and follow the path to the right of her. Jump over the gap, and continue following the path until you hit a broken-down glacier section. Jump onto the left side, and choose the right side of the path, where you’ll see red-tinted glaciers. Following the path will lead you to a dead end, where the first node will be, as well as a nice scenic view.
  • Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall: Spawn in on Charon’s Crossing, and to the right of Tarik’s outpost is a broken bridge. Below that will be a platform you can jump on with the left side containing the node. Pro-tip, you’ll probably see one or two people in this section looking for it when you spawn in.
  • Europa.Ridge.Road.Ledge: Spawning in on Charon’s Crossing, follow the left path to head towards Cadimus Ridge. As soon as you enter Cadimus Ridge, you’ll see little poles in the upright position along the left side of the road. In between the second to last and last set of poles, drop down the side of the road onto a platform that will house the node.
  • Europa.Abyss.Fissure.Construct: From Charon’s Crossing, head down the right path towards Asterion Abyss. Follow the path until you’re directly underneath the giant structure in the middle of the map. On the left side of said structure, there will be an ice cliff, drop down it, and the node will be on the right side, where you drop in front of the bottom portion of the structure.
  • Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk: Spawn in on the Eventide Ruins, and follow the path to the right of the spawn point. You’ll see the edge of the map and some ice formations sticking out; there is a path that leads off the side of the map. Head to the path, turn left, and as soon as you enter the ice cave with green lights, the node will be on your left. This is also the entrance to Mithrax’s hideout from Season of the Splicer.
  • Europa.Eventide.Cliff.Refuge: Spawn in on the Eventide Ruins and head left towards a giant ice cave opening that contains a Patrol beacon. Head into the cave, jump up to catwalk, and at the left end of said catwalk, you’ll find the last node.

Moon Resonance Amp Code Locations

Destiny 2 Moon Resonant Amp locations

The Moon also contains six D2 Resonant Amp codes, and they will play music as you approach them. They are located at:

  • Luna.Archer.Dome.Catwalk: Spawn in on the Sanctuary point, and follow the left path to Archer’s Line. Head to the broken observatory at the top right side of the map, and after entering the observatory, head to the left side of the upper floor to find this node.
  • Luna.Archer.Crevasse.Crash: From the Sanctuary point, head towards Archer’s Line. This time, go to the left side of the map where the ground is cracked open and full of green light. Inside of the gap, there will be a small platform with boxes and a crashed vehicle on it. Jump onto that platform, and the node will be there.
  • Luna.Hellmouth.Outcropping.Alcove: Spawn into Sorrow’s Harbor, and head to the Hellmouth. As you enter the Hellmouth, immediately make a right when you pass the broken wall with Nightmares floating around it. There’s a lowered pathway that will lead to a cave with green light in it, and the node will be straight ahead, next to Hive crystals and a box.
  • Luna.Anchor.Tower.Rotunda: From Sanctuary, head over to the Anchor of Light area of the map. In the middle is the rotunda, head towards it and enter through the broken extension that’s facing the Sanctuary loading point. Directly to your left will be the node.
  • Luna.Sorrow.Altar.Recess: In Sorrow’s Harbor, head to the Nightmare Altar on the right side of Scarlett’s Keep. When at the Altar, there are four small walls surrounding it; you’ll want to head down the path in between wall one and two. It will lead you down a path with a dark cave, where you will find the node.
  • Luna.Sanctuary.Stage.Backdrop: Load into Sanctuary and head straight to Eris Morn. Behind her podium, towards the edge of the map, there will be a little platform to drop down on with a yellow box on it. The node will be there.

Operation Seraph Shield

Operation Seraph Shield contains four Resonance Amp codes.

  • Orbital.Engineering.Shaft.Platform: Early on, you’ll enter a room with a Servitor blocking your way forward. Once you defeat the Servitor, turn around and jump up the platforms located in the shaft, with the Amp being nestled away on the top platform.
  • Orbital.Engineering.Server.Column: After you pick up the Operator buff for the very first time, you’ll enter a room with red arches. Two doors with red openings will be on your left side, enter the second door, and the Amp will be in between two pillars.
  • Orbital.Logistics.Entrance.Foyer: Once you defeat the first boss in Operation Shield, after coming back inside from the space jumping segment, this Amp will be found in a hallway to the right of the room’s entrance, guarded by laser trip wires. Wait for the trip wires to deactivate, then grab the Amp.
  • Orbital.Control.Nexus.Upload: This one can be found at the end of the mission, in the chest room. To the left of where you upload the virus, the Amp will be directly underneath the giant monitor.

That’s all you need to know about where to find all of the Resonant Amp codes in Destiny 2. If you’re still enjoying The Dawning event, consider checking out our list of all recipes! Also be sure to check out related content such as how to get the Fire and Forget linear rifle, how to complete the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, or how to complete the Vox Obscura quest.

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