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When Does Valderas Museum Come Back to Modern Warfare 2?

When does Valderas Museum come back to Warzone 2?
Image Source: Infinity Ward via Twinfinite

When Does Valderas Museum Come Back to Modern Warfare 2?

Welcome back.

The second season of Call of Duty updates is here, giving players plenty of content and cosmetics to dive into across Warzone, DMZ, and the multiplayer components. With Season 2, Modern Warfare 2 sees the return of a few favorite maps in CoD history, alongside the return of Valderas Museum, a map that was in the beta and, then just vanished. With the announcement of its return, here’s what you need to know about when you can load into Valdera Museum.

When Will Valderas Museum Come Back to Modern Warfare 2?

Good news for fans of the map from the beta, Valderas Museum is back with the launch of Season 2. Valderas is a traditional 6v6 map that can be played in Core game modes.

Leading up to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players who had access to the beta were treated to a wide selection of maps, including Valderas Museum. Oddly enough, when MW2 launched, the museum was out of the rotation with zero explanation as to why it was removed. Much of the discourse among the community at the same time Valderas Museum went missing, Infinity Ward faced a lawsuit due to the Breenbergh Hotel map looking very similar to a real-world hotel.

The studio also faced a similar issue with Crown Raceway, although both Raceway and Breenbergh Hotel returned at a later date. That said, all three maps are back in the game, giving fans a bit more in the locale department.

That’s all you need to know about when Valderas Museum will return to Modern Warfare 2. With that, check out our related content below to get all the information you need on Season 2 of Call of Duty.

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