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What’s the Name of the Comic Sam Finds in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

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What’s the Name of the Comic Sam Finds in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

“To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive!”

While HBO’s The Last of Us is fairly straightforward with its references and direct pulls from the original game, some nods are a little less obvious. Tucked in-between scenes or shown off during blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it segments, they act as Easter Eggs you’d need to have played the game to catch. This likely left you a bit unclear during episode 5, resulting in the question: What’s the name of the comic Sam finds in HBO’s The Last of Us? And better yet, what importance does it hold for the larger series?

Is Savage Starlight from HBO’s The Last of Us a Real Comic? Answered

While it may not be a real comic series, Savage Starlight is one of the more surprising easter eggs to appear from the game’s source material. Found as collectibles in The Last of Us Part 1, they tell the story of Dr. Daniela Star, who discovers a means of traveling faster than the speed of light.

She then uses this to take part in adventures across the stars, while also defending Earth against extraterrestrials that would wish harm upon it. Specifics of the series are not revealed in the game, however, as players can only examine the front and back of the comics after finding them.

Though it isn’t explicitly stated through dialogue related to each comic, Ellie does have an enduring fondness for this series. The collectibles in The Last of Us Part II prove as much, as she can collect trading cards related to the series during her quest for revenge.

This, in turn, offers some extra context for why she is so excited to learn that Sam is a fan of the series as well, and acts as yet another way in which the television series sprinkles as many details from the show into its episodes as possible.

Where Else Does Savage Starlight Show Up?

It’s also worth mentioning that Savage Starlight has appeared in other media related to Naughty Dog. In Uncharted 4, a poster for Savage Starlight can be found in the bedroom of Nate and Elena’s daughter Cassie Drake.

A one-shot campaign made by Critical Role which featured prominent voice actors from Naughty Dog titles was also set within the Savage Starlight universe and offered some potential clues as to what the story and its universe might entail.

Hopefully this guide on what the name of the comic Sam finds is in HBO’s The Last of Us provided you with some fun facts and tidbits. For more on the series, be sure to take a look at the related articles down below.

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