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What Was Sam Writing on in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Sam in HBO's The Last of Us
Image Source: WarnerMedia and HBO

What Was Sam Writing on in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Sam’s going retro with his method of communication.

Episode 5 of HBO’s The Last of Us reintroduces longtime fans to memorable characters Henry and Sam, who played an emotionally heavy role in the game. A few changes were made in HBO’s adaptation to give these characters more depth and impact, including the decision to make Sam deaf. This means Sam has had to find ways to communicate with people during the apocalypse other than sign language, and is often seen writing messages to those around him using a device. If you’re wondering what this strange device was, we’ve got all you need to know about what Sam was writing on in HBO’s The Last of Us.

What Does Sam Write On in HBO’s The Last of Us?

The device that Sam uses to write on and communicate with others is a Magic Slate Paper Saver. These are popular children’s toys that date back as far as the 1920s and allow children to write or draw on an acetate page via a stylus and then erase the page by lifting it up. This saves the hassle of cleaning up art supplies and having loose drawings taking up space.

This would have been a nostalgic throwback for many viewers, considering the show is set in an apocalyptic version of our modern-day 2023. Our world is so digitally reliant that toys like this have seen a decline in use due to devices such as an iPad, which can do everything the Magic Slate Paper Saver can do plus one hundred other tasks.

However, if our world were to fall victim to the cordyceps virus, an iPad would soon lose its handiness, as there is a lack of consistent power to keep it charged. Plus, those things can be pretty weighty, so it wouldn’t be ideal for carrying around in a limited-space backpack. However, something like the Magic Slate Paper Saver is perfect for the post-apocalyptic world. There’s no need for a power source, it’s light to carry, and there’s no need to replace it. One would simply pull up the page to reset and write again.

Sam is lucky that he stumbled across one of these, as it has truly made for the perfect communication device.

That’s everything you need to know about what Sam was writing on in HBO’s The Last of Us. Check out the rest of our content for more helpful guides, lists, and news. We have a variety of The Last of Us topics that will help you brave the apocalypse just like Super Sam, so feel free to scroll through the related links below.

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