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Star Wars Visions Volume 2: Release Date, All Studios & Episode Titles

The animation studios involved in Star Wars Visions Volume 2.
Image Source: LucasFilm

Star Wars Visions Volume 2: Release Date, All Studios & Episode Titles

These are the short stories you’re looking for.

Disney+ and LucasFilm just announced that a new batch of Star Wars: Visions episodes are coming. The Emmy Awarded-nominated show is an animated anthology series of short stories where creators are given free rein to re-imagine the Star Wars world as they see fit, creating some unique stories. Here’s everything you need to know about Star Wars: Visions Volume 2: the release date, the studios involved, and the episode titles.

Star Wars Visions Volume 2 Release Date

Star Wars Visions Volume 2 will premiere on May 4, 2023 a.k.a. Star Wars Day, exclusively on Disney+. This will be the first set of episodes for the series since 2021, which saw the debut of the first “season” of this Star Wars animation anthology.

Thankfully, we already know the studios that will be involved in Volume 2, as well as the episode titles. We’ve detailed both of them for you down below.

All Studios in Star Wars Visions Volume 2

The first volume consisted of seven Japanese studios telling nine different short stories. Star Wars Visions Volume 2 will open its scope to new countries and ideas using studios all over the world. The premise is the same: depict unique animation styles from each country while telling a specific story with a personal point of view in the Star Wars Galaxy. The following international animation studios will do an episode: 

  • El Guiri (Spain) 
  • Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
  • Punkrobot (Chile)
  • Aardman (United Kingdom)
  • Studio Mir (South Korea) 
  • Studio La Cachette (France)
  • 88 Pictures (India)
  • D’art Shtajio (Japan), in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. (United States)
  • Triggerfish (South Africa)

From Spain to India, or South Africa, there are going to be ideas explored from places that never before have had a voice in the Star Wars universe, making these short stories even more exciting.

All Star Wars Visions Volume 2 Episode Titles

Disney+ and Lucasfilm have also released the titles of each episode in Volume 2. The titles of Volume 1 were an early indication of what those adventures were going to be about. Fans can start wondering what tone, genre, and adventure will happen in each new story, as here are the episode titles of Star Wars Visions Volume 2.

  • “Sith”
  • “Screecher’s Reach”
  • “In the Stars”
  • “I Am Your Mother”
  • “Journey to the Dark Head”
  • “The Spy Dancer”
  • “The Bandits of Golak”
  • “The Pit”
  • “Aau’s Song

Some of the episode titles are already playing with the expectations of what a Star Wars story can be, using phrases or ideas that have been used in the past and playing around with them, creating even more expectations for the new season of Star Wars Visions.

For now, that’s everything you need to know about Star Wars Visions Volume 2. You can look for more Star Wars news and guides on Twinfinite, including plenty of great content right down below.

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