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Should You Tell Claire Beaumont the Truth in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy
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Should You Tell Claire Beaumont the Truth in Hogwarts Legacy

To lie or not to lie, that is the question.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, Hogwarts Legacy is the game you’ve been dreaming of forever. You can finally be a magician at Hogwarts and experience it firsthand, something impossible until now. Being a magician is full of difficult decisions during your quests. For example, in the Brother’s Keeper quest, should you tell Claire Beaumont the truth in Hogwarts Legacy?

Tell Claire Beaumont the Truth or Lie in Hogwarts Legacy?

At the end of the Brother’s Keeper quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must decide if you’ll tell the truth to Claire Beaumont about her brother’s fate. What should you do?

First of all, you must know that whatever you choose, it doesn’t change your reward after the quest. Either way, the ending is the same, and you’ll receive a Wand handle and some XP. With that in mind, here’s what happens when you tell the truth and when you lie. 

Tell the Truth to Claire Beaumont

“I’m afraid he’s dead.” is what you tell her if you decide to tell Claire the truth. You will then explain that her brother Bardolph turned into an Inferius, and you had to kill him. You knew it was her brother because of his woolen jumper. She will start sobbing, but at least she will know the truth. 

Lie to Claire Beaumont

“He’s decided to pursue a new life.” is what you tell Claire if you want to lie to her. You then explain that her brother has decided to start a new life by joining Ashwinders and that he might never return. In that case, Claire will also start crying, but she will have hope that she might see Bardolph in the future. 

Whatever you decide, Claire ends up distraught and crying. So, what’s it going to be: the devastating truth or a lie so she can keep her hopes up? It’s your call.

Now that you know the answer to should you tell Claire Beaumont the truth in Hogwarts Legacy, you can look for more game guides in Twinfinite. As you can see below, we have all the answers. 

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