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Pokemon TCG Meta, Explained (February 2023)


Pokemon TCG Meta, Explained (February 2023)

Here is what you need to know about the current Pokemon TCG meta.

The Pokemon TCG Meta is always volatile and even after it settles, new sets are introduced that rotate a bunch of new cards in, leaving the previous cards in a memory of what once was. But as any Pokemon fan knows by now, that’s part of the fun of being a collector and player; you gotta catch ‘em all, right? 

There are a ton of fans who only collect the cards, but once you take the time to learn the Pokemon trading card game, you’ll realize there’s more enjoyment to be had. This is especially true if you’re already playing the Pokemon video games.

And once you’re hooked, you might want to take your decks out into the wild and test your skills. All you need to be aware of are what the current sets are. In this current standard format, you can make decks using cards from the Sword & Shield series.

But you still have time to enjoy this current meta since the next rotation of sets will be on April 14, 2023. So when you’re ready to head to your local game store to play, or want to participate in a Pokemon TCH tournament, check out the standard Pokemon TCG meta, explained as of February 2023

The Top Pokemon Meta Decks, February 2023

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There’s a decent variety of options in the current meta to help you channel your inner trainer, all you have to do is pick your favorite, or favorites. The latest additions to the game are the V, VMAX, and VSTAR Pokemon, which are the rare chase cards for collectors, and also some of the most powerful cards in the game for players. 

With these new upgraded Pokemon, the vast majority of decks used in tournaments are based around having a “boss monster” character that’s VSTAR or VMAX. This totally makes sense since they’ll have the highest amount of HP, making it difficult for your opponent to KO. Not to mention, they have either a powerful VSTAR or VMAX ability that can change the game.

Lugia VSTAR 

Image Source: TCG Player and via Twinfinite

Lugia VSTAR is the top choice for the new evolution (it’s also the most expensive to build), and it features a neat little combo where you try to get two Archeops (147) into your discard pile early on. That way, after you evolve your Lugia V, you can activate your Lugia’s VSTAR power to bring those two colorless Pokemon that don’t have a Rule Box onto your Bench.

Once you do that, you use Archeops’ ability to search your deck for two Colorless Energy, netting you a total of four, and those get attached to your Lugia. Now Lugia is ready to unleash their Tempest Dive attack for 220 damage and lets you discard a Stadium in play. And if you attach other items to power up the attack, it’ll be even more devastating.


Image Source: TCG Player and via Twinfinite

Mew and Mewtwo have always been fan-favorite characters, so it’s a welcome addition to see this deck doing so well. The strategy here is to get as many Mew V and Genesect V on your Bench as possible, then use Genesect V’s Fusion System power to draw cards and use your Quick Ball to find any basic Pokemon you need to evolve.

You can also use Cram-o-matic to find basically anything in your deck. Once you evolve Mew V into Mew VMAX, you can copy Genesect V’s Techno Blast attack with an attached Choice Band and Power Tablet for big damage.

Hisuian Goodra VSTAR

Image Source: TCG Player and via Twinfinite

Hisuian Goodra VSTAR is a great Pokemon that has the inherent ability to heal itself and prevent damage, so defense players will enjoy it. It’s also an interesting deck that has two variants; the Lost variant and the Arceus variant. The Lost variant uses Comfey (LOR 79) which is detailed in its deck after this one.

So we’ll look at the Arceus version that uses Arceus V’s Trinity Charge attack to attach three basic Energy cards to Hisuian Goodra V before evolving it into Hisuian Goodra VSTAR. Once you’re in VSTAR mode, you’re ready to attack with Rolling Iron for a whopping 200 damage; but that’s not all, you’ll also take 80 less damage on your opponent’s next turn.

You can also add additional healing cards like Crystal Cave and Hyper Potion for a tough balance of attack and defense all in one deck FTW. 

Lost Box

Image Source: TCG Player and via Twinfinite

Lost Box is a unique deck since it doesn’t focus on all the new VSTAR and VMAX abilities, and instead uses a bunch of combo synergy shenanigans with basic characters to get free attacks without spending energy. To do this, you need to get Comfey (LOR 79) into your active spot so you can use its Flower Selecting ability which allows you to take the top two cards of your deck, then put one into your hand and the other into the “Lost Zone.”

Next, use Cramorant (LOR 50) and its ability to Lost Provisions to make your Spit Innocently attack for 110 damage free as long as you have four or more cards in your Lost Zone. It’s also possible to pile on huge amounts of damage thanks to Sableye and its Lost Mine attack which allows you to give 12 damage counters spread out among your opponent’s characters however you like.

Those are the top meta decks currently being played, and several rogue decks are running around, but no matter what you choose to build and play, you’ll need to be aware of the decks listed here. Also, you should check out the top 10 cards to pull from the Pokemon Go expansion set.

And now that you understand the Pokemon TCG meta, explained as of February 2023, it’s time to get out there and play.

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