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Is There Romance in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Is There Romance in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games

Is There Romance in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Relationships are key, but not all of them matter.

For Harry Potter fans, living out your magical fantasies at the famed academy of Hogwarts is finally possible, as Avalanche Software’s latest project Hogwarts Legacy is available on both PC and consoles. Beyond the classrooms and spells, relationships are often a key part of the experience, and for those wondering if romance is an option in Hogwarts Legacy, let us enlighten you.

Romance in Hogwarts Legacy Explained

While Hogwarts Legacy is a character-driven narrative game, with players able to make choices and decisions, starting a romantic relationship is unfortunately not one of the available paths to take. Instead of developing budding romances with various schoolmates, the game includes several notable characters whose friendships become increasingly more important as you progress through the story.

Reaching the conclusion of these relationships will not only yield valuable rewards, but for trophies and achievement hunters, it will also represent a shiny new reward to show off your progress in the game. With the wizarding world in peril thanks to the goblin uprising led by Ranrok and the uneasy alliance with dark wizards via Victor Rookwood, it will not be an easy task to save the day, so be sure to have as many friends with you as possible in your journey.

Rather than focusing on possible love, perhaps learning all the spells and Talents you can will be a better use of your time at the castle. Considering the many enemies that stand in your way, making yourself the best wizard or witch is the best way forward.

Now that you are clear on whether there is romance in Hogwarts Legacy, the time to begin your adventures draws near. For more on the game, be sure to check out related content below, or search Twinfinite for more.

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