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Is There Co-Op Progression in Wild Hearts? Explained

Image Source: Electronic Arts

Is There Co-Op Progression in Wild Hearts? Explained

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When a game supports co-op dropping in and out, players tend to wonder about how exactly the multiplayer will actually function. Stuff like can you join friends directly; is it possible to complete objectives together; will all the completion count toward the progression of both parties’ stories? Wild Hearts has just released with full co-op support and potential players may find themselves wondering, is there co-op progression in Wild Hearts?

Is There Co-Op Progression in Wild Hearts?

Thankfully, there is co-op progression in Wild Hearts. The game offers settings for its online play ranging from the ability to play with people to the ability to progress with them. Getting online and enabling or disabling the game’s multiplayer is a pretty straightforward process. Alongside this, it is important to note that Wild Hearts give you the ability to play and support your friends on any platform, regardless of if you own the same one or not.

To activate the setting that allows you to progress during co-op with others, simply navigate to your settings and scroll down until you see the online portion. From here you can toggle the “Guest Story Progression” setting which, when enabled, will allow you and your team of hunters to progress through the story together.

Is there co-op progression in Wild Hearts
Image Source: Twinfinite via Electronic Arts

Do keep in mind that you can only progress with others if you are at the same point in the game’s story. otherwise, you can still hunt together and join each other but you will not be able to combine any story progression elements.

That is all you need to know to answer the question: is there co-op progression in Wild Hearts? If you want to check out some of our other related content just have a look below or browse through our website’s main page for all things gaming.

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