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Is There Character Creation in Sons of the Forest? Answered


Is There Character Creation in Sons of the Forest? Answered

I need a (character created) hero!

Wondering if there’s a character creator in Sons of the Forest to fine-tune the look of the protagonist so they look more like you… or just a random person that you always try and create in every RPG you play? Creating your own character has become commonplace in RPGs and survival games, but not every game opts to include one, even in this, year of our lord, 2023.

Is There Sons of the Forest Character Creation?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no, Sons of the Forest does not have character creation. Instead, you’ll assume the role of Eric LeBlanc who has been sent unknowingly to a cannibal-riddled island in the hopes of locating a missing billionaire.

There are no options to change how the protagonist looks, nor their gender, so if you’re not a fan of role-playing as Eric LeBlanc, well… you’re just going to have to get used to them.

Given that Eric LeBlanc is introduced to you as part of Sons of Forest’s opening, it seems unlikely that character creation would come to the game later in the Early Access stage, or as part of the game’s full launch. At least there aren’t a ton of cutscenes of your character, so you’ll largely forget what LeBlanc even looks like after a while! This way, you can’t see the guilt in Eric’s eyes if you choose to kill Kelvin.

That’s everything you need to know regarding Sons of the Forest character creation. Looking for tips on how to get feathers, craft and equip arrows, or just how to get Turtle Shells? We’ve got you covered with those and plenty more Sons of the Forest guides below.

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