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Is the Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite

Is the Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

Let’s get to the bottom of this myssssssstery.

With such a rich array of mythical monsters, magical spells, and iconic architecture, Hogwarts Legacy is a veritable goldmine of knowing nods and easter eggs to its beloved source material. While many familiar faces aren’t featured in the game, thanks to it being set one hundred years before the events of the novels and movies, there are still plenty of references to the series we know and love. One question that is making the rounds is a straightforward one: Is the Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy? Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery, shall we?

Is There a Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

From our experience, we haven’t seen a Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, the Chamber of Secrets – the creepy underground dungeon beneath Hogwarts castle where the Basilisk typically resides – isn’t actually featured in the base game at all. As a result, we were pretty adamant that the Basilisk was not in Hogwarts Legacy.

However, having said that, there is a possibility that the Basilisk may be in the game in some shape or form, as a recent Twitter user, CastielJA, seemingly spotted the gigantic serpent while traversing the Slytherin Common Room. Feel free to check out the footage for yourself to make up your own mind:

Pretty creepy, huh? In the video, you can clearly see a large creature making its way through a tunnel, but the footage is quite brief. Therefore, we’d suggest to take this video with a grain of salt until something more official is confirmed.

Right now, however, we’d say that the Basilisk could be hidden somewhere in the Slytherin Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy, but it exists more as a rare and seemingly randomised easter egg than a fully fleshed-out creature. That said, if we do here anything more concrete, we’ll update this article with more information.

So, that wraps things up for now. We hope this helped to shed some light on whether or not the Basilisk is in Hogwarts Legacy. For more, here’s how to get the fastest broom in the game. Or alternatively, go ahead and take a peek at the links below.

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