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Is Brawl Stars Down? How to Check Brawl Stars Server Status

how to check brawl stars server status if it's down
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Is Brawl Stars Down? How to Check Brawl Stars Server Status

You probably aren’t the only one having connection issues.

Having issues connecting to Brawl Stars? It’s normal for live service games to go down for maintenance every now and then before turning the lights back on. If you’d like to be more proactive, we’ll teach you how to check Brawl Stars server status to see if the game is down.

Is Brawl Stars Down? Answered

As of Feb. 28, 2023, on 12:24 PM EST, Brawl Stars server status is up and running. If you were unable to join Brawl Stars before then, it was due to the developers finding an issue that, at the time, was severe enough to shut down the servers in order to properly fix.

With that said, if you do experience any issues from here on out, keep in mind that you and hundreds of other players are jumping on at the same time. There might be complications for at least the first hour as more people join.

How to Check Brawl Stars Server Status

Whenever you’re experiencing connection issues or error codes in Brawl Stars, there are a few resources that you can take advantage of to learn the game’s server status. For starters, Brawl Stars has its own Twitter page, which includes Tweets on the latest content and maintenance.

It’s possible that Brawl Stars’ Twitter isn’t up-to-date or even behind. In that case, Down Detector is a great fallback just to see if others are having the same problem as you. There’s even a nice map to see where live outages and reports were made.

There you have it, folks: all you need to know about how to check Brawl Stars server status and whether or not the servers are down. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if and when an issue arise. Until then, you can take a look at other Brawl Stars content using the links below.

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