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How to Solve The Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon Ishin

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How to Solve The Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon Ishin

Become a detective in feudal Japan.

While Like a Dragon Ishin once again feature the beloved Kazuma Kiryu as its main character, it’s in a bit of a different role than its Yakuza predecessors. This time around, he is a samurai named Sakamoto Ryoma in 1860s Japan who has been framed for the murder of his mentor. Despite this serious tone, there’s still plenty of wacky side quests that the series is known for, including one that requires him to be a makeshift detective. Here is how to solve The Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon Ishin.

Like a Dragon Ishin The Mochi Mystery Guide

Like a Dragon Ishin mochi
Image Source: Sega via Twinfinite

The Mochi Mystery substory can be found after the beginning of Like a Dragon Ishin Chapter 3, once the main gate to Rakunai has opened. A group of people will be arguing in the corner about who stole the daifuku mochi and is blamed on two of the five friends.

It is then placed on Ryoma’s shoulders to hear the stories from each of the potential thieves, and then accuse two of them. You will have to hear each of their stories before making a verdict, but here is what each had to say from left to right:

  • Higashihara – Blames Kitajima.
  • Nishiyama – Blames either Higashihara or Minamino, or could be both.
  • Nakagawa – Blames Minamino, says Nishiyama is innocent.
  • Minamino – Blames Nishiyama.
  • Kitajima – Blames either Nakagawa or Minamino.

Who Stole the Daifuku Mochi in Like a Dragon Ishin?

The answer to The Mochi Mystery substory is Higashihara and Minamino. The two immediately confess after being called out, but the story has a happy ending with the group’s aura of friendship being powerful enough to forgive the lying. Ryoma is then awarded Virtue and the Godslayer’s Talisman material, which can be used in crafting.

That is how to solve The Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon Ishin. Be sure to stay with Twinfinite for more Like a Dragon Ishin coverage and follow the links for other helpful guides on the game.

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