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How to Play Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Co-op Mod

Hogwarts Legacy co-op guide
Image Source: Avalanche Software

How to Play Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Co-op Mod

Cauldron for two, anyone?

There are many additions that we would like to see made to Hogwarts Legacy, but the overarching one that tends to be brought up between players is some form of multiplayer or co-op. While the game does not officially support either of these mechanics, the Hogwarts Legacy community has come together with their own solution. We will discuss how to play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer or co-op here in a quick guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Co-op Mod Explained

Since Hogwarts Legacy itself does not yet offer a method of connecting with your friends to play together, fans have done as fans always do and have come up with a mod to resolve this. This upcoming mod has been dubbed HogWarp by its creators and you can view a test build from their official YouTube channel below.

The creators behind HogWarp are the Together Team, a group known for their Skyrim Together and Fallout Together mods that similarly incorporate co-op to games that otherwise would have none. It seems as though the Hogwarts Legacy mod will support quite a few players in one instance as they do showcase ten at once in one video, but the co-op mode is not without its issues right now.

There seem to be time-syncing problems between multiple players and some performance issues, but it is in its earliest stages. If you are hoping to play Hogwarts Legacy with your friends, you will need to subscribe to the Together Team’s Patreon where you will be able to hop into early builds of the mod to test it out.

That is all you need to know about how to play multiplayer or co-op in Hogwarts Legacy, so be sure to check out the team’s videos and Patreon for more information or stick around here for some related content below.

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