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How to Pause Cutscenes in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts cutscenes
Image Source: Omega Force and Electronic Arts

How to Pause Cutscenes in Wild Hearts

Mom, I can’t just pause the game!

There are some players that take serious joy in sitting back and watching a good cutscenes in the midst of their gameplay. Other players spend more time skipping the cutscenes than they do watching them as they are playing for the mechanics themselves and not the story. Some of us want to see the cutscene through but are itching to grab some snacks or take a quick bathroom break. Wild Hearts does not offer too many ridiculously long cutscenes, but there are still moments within the story that you may not want to miss. If you are wondering how to pause cutscenes in Wild Hearts, we have it all answered here.

Can You Pause Cutscenes in Wild Hearts

While there is no dedicated way to pause cutscenes in Wild Hearts, you can use other methods to achieve the same effect. You might be afraid of skipping the cutscene and missing out on the story by touching buttons as it is going, but you can trust us when we say that the method below will pause your cutscene seamlessly.

Rather than holding the button down to skip the cutscene, press it once more to bring up a menu that will ask you whether or not you wish to get past the cinematic. The menu is shown below and it will remain there until you press yes or no, so it effectively functions as a pause screen.

How to pause cutscene in Wild Hearts
Image Source: Twinfinite via Electronic Arts

Just make sure to not press yes and skip the cinematic when you get back to your game, or you will miss out on it. Tab over to no instead to continue the scene from where you left off.

That is all you need to know about how to pause cutscenes in Wild Hearts, so make sure you take those bathroom breaks between combat with Kemono if you need to. If you are interested in seeing some other Wild Hearts content, have a look below for some related articles or check out our website’s home page for all things gaming.

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