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How to Kill Sluggy in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Sluggy Guide
Image Source: Endnight

How to Kill Sluggy in Sons of the Forest

Here Sluggy, Sluggy.

While playing Sons of the Forest, the recently released sequel to The Forest, you may encounter a disgusting looking mutant while exploring any one of the caves on the map. It is large, blob-like, and likely smells like microwaved rot. This mutant is literally stuck between a rock and a hard place meaning that you likely want to know what is behind the blob-like creature. If you are wondering how to kill Sluggy in Sons of the Forest and get past him to see for yourself, read on below.

Killing Sluggy in Sons of the Forest

To locate Sluggy, you need to go into a cave anywhere on your map and look for walls that have cracks in them. You may notice that there is a giant mutant stuck inside of one, meaning that you have found Sluggy. Thankfully, Sluggy is actually pretty easy to kill despite his horrifying looks. All you need to do to kill Sluggy is approach him while he is lodged between an opening in a cave. Do not get too close as you are going to throw an explosive at him.

Sluggy Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Endnight via Twinfinite

You can use any explosive against Sluggy to kill him, so have at it. Upon killing him you will not only be able to proceed through the passageway he had been previously blocking, but you will also receive an achievement titled “Pinata” to commend your efforts. If you and your friends are in multiplayer, you will all get the achievement for killing Sluggy as long as you are within close enough range of where he exploded.

That is all you need to know to understand how to kill Sluggy in Sons of the Forest, so get in those caves and blow up the monstrosity that is this blob-like mutant. If you want to view some related content, just have a look below for some similar articles or head back to the website’s home page for more gaming guides and news.

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