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How to Increase Your Species Limit in Hogwarts Legacy?


How to Increase Your Species Limit in Hogwarts Legacy?

Gotta catch ’em all!

For Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts Legacy is a dream come true, as the game features a boatload of quests and locations that really bring the series to life, all while letting you experience the journey yourself as your own customizable witch or wizard. Players can finally be part of Hogwarts, learn spells and potions, and even collect beasts like Newt Scamander himself. Unfortunately, the Vivarium only allows for 12 beasts, so it’s important to know how to increase your species limit in Hogwarts Legacy. Here’s the way to do it.

How Many Vivariums Are There in Hogwarts Legacy?

The only way to increase your species limit in Hogwarts Legacy is by getting additional Vivariums. Alongside the default one, there are three in the game, making for a grand total of four. In each of these, you’ll be able to contain up to 12 creatures or beasts of four different species. 

In order to unlock the other three Vivariums, you’ll need to complete three questlines:

  • The Beach Vivarium: After completing the Astronomy Class and The High Keep quest, you’ll receive the Plight of the House-Elf quest. Once you’ve completed it, the Beach Vivarium will be yours.
  • The Meadow Vivarium: You must complete Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Quest, find Deek, and talk to him. He will tell you about the Phoenix Rising quest. Once it’s completed, you’ll be able to keep beasts in your just-acquired Meadow Vivarium.
  • The Swamp Vivarium: The way to get this Vivarium is by completing the Foal of the Dead quest after you’ve already completed the Charles Rockwood’s Trial quest.

Once each has been unlocked, you’ll be able to hold 48 creatures at the same time, making all your beast-collecting efforts much easier and rewarding.

Now that you know how to increase your species limit in Hogwarts Legacy, you can look for more guides about the game on Twinfinite. As you can see below, we have all the answers.

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