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How to Get the Throwing Knife in Apex Legends

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How to Get the Throwing Knife in Apex Legends

Bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Apex Legends features a wide armory of giant and unorthodox weapons, but one of the deadliest weapons within the game would be the simple Throwing Knife. Unfortunately, there are a few prerequisites in order to use throwable blades. Here is how to get the Throwing Knife in Apex Legends.

Getting the Throwing Knife in Apex Legends

The Throwing Knife is only available in the Gun Run limited-time mode and requires going through the entire cycle of weapons before being able to use it. The mode was a special mode that is similar to the “Gun Game” modes of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

Getting a kill with the starting weapon will switch to a different weapon, and each kill will cycle through the weapon lineup until one player reaches the end. One notable difference in Gun Run is that you can skip certain weapons depending on how farther your teammates have progressed.

In Apex Legends, the final weapon of its Gun Run mode is always going to be the Throwing Knife, as it adds to the difficulty of achieving victory. The weapon replenishes itself automatically, and getting one kill with it will end the match.

Gun Run used to be a limited-time mode that appeared rarely but that has all changed with Season 16, as, starting on March 7, 2023, the mode will be part of a “Mixtape” playlist alongside Team Deathmatch and Control. While the contents of the playlist may change over time, Gun Run may not be removed anytime soon due to its popularity.

That is how to get the Throwing Knife in Apex Legends. Be sure to stay with Twinfinite for more Apex Legends coverage and follow the links below for other helpful guides on the game.

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