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How to Get Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

how to get the tech mesh in sons of the forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Get Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

Funky armor.

In addition to cosmetic items of apparel you can wear throughout your adventure across the island, there are also armor sets to craft. These are obviously less about looking cool and more about ensuring you’re well-protected against incoming attacks. One of the most powerful armor sets in the game, however, requires you to forge a rare material. Here’s how to get tech mesh in Sons of the Forest.

Getting Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

3d printer location to find resin in sons of the forest
Image credit: Sons of the Forest wiki

To get tech mesh in Sons of the Forest you’ll actually need to print it yourself using a 3D printer, which obviously means first locating somewhere that houses a machine. There are several spots across the island that have 3D printers, but the easiest one of the green markers on your map should be nearby your starting location. It’s the same underground bunker where you’ll use the maintenance keycard for the first time. You can see it marked on the map above.

But before you go running off, you need to first make sure you have some resin to load into the 3D printer. If you’ve not used one before, the machine requires resin to operate, a resource that can be harvested from various points of interest around the map. There should actually be some at the 3D printer, and you can find some by the helicopter crash site near the lake if you’re familiar with that location.

Once you have resin, head to the 3D printer and add some resin, then interact with the laptop to choose tech mesh. Below we’ve listed the various items you can craft with the 3D printer:

  • Arrows (50 ml)
  • Flask (100 ml)
  • Red Mask (150 ml)
  • Grappling Hooks (100 ml)
  • Tech Mesh (250 ml)
  • Sled (1000 ml)

How to Get Tech Armor & What Tech Mesh Does

As we’ve alluded to already in this guide, the tech mesh is a critical component of the Tech Armor set, which is one of the best in the game. Once you’ve crafted the item you’ll need to find the following materials as well to craft the set:

  • Tech Mesh x1
  • Wire x1
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Batteries x1

With those materials in your inventory, it’s just a case of adding them together and hitting the combine button as you would for any other recipe. Do note, though, that the above recipe makes just a single piece of the armor, and you need x10 to actually cover your body!

That’s everything you should need to know about how to get tech mesh in Sons of the Forest. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite or check out the related content listed below.

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