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How to Get Silver Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Broom
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How to Get Silver Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Worth its weight in Galleons.

The broomstick is one of the most iconic items in Hogwarts Legacy, which serves as a transportation mode for players to fly from one place to another. In the game, players can ride different ones, including the highly coveted Silver Broom. Acquiring the Silver Broom it is no easy feat though, as it demands a significant amount of Galleons and isn’t readily available in all the game’s shops. Nevertheless, we’ve created this guide on how to get the Silver Broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Silver Broom Location

To purchase the Silver Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to visit Arn’s shop and pay 5000 Galleons. However, the shop isn’t accessible by default in the game. To unlock it, players must first complete the Carted Away side quest by defeating all the Goblins in the camp. This can be achieved by speaking to Arn outside Lower Hogsfield and returning to him after completing the task.

Once the side quest is marked as done, Arn’s shop will appear near the river heading south of Hogsfield. Players can skip in-game time and recheck the shop’s inventory if the Silver Broom is unavailable when they check his wears initially.

Here are the steps to skip time in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Open your map by going to your Field Guide.
  2. Select the map option in the top right of the dial.
  3. Look in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Click the button next to the “Wait” option.
  5. Confirm that you want to switch the time from day to night.

Overall, the Silver Broom is a rare and valuable item in the wizarding world, and it is not something that every player will be able to acquire easily. This rarity and exclusivity make the Silver Broom a coveted item for many players, especially those who are fans of the Harry Potter universe.

That does it for our guide how to get the Silver broom in Hogwarts Legacy. While you’re here, you can explore our other Hogwarts Legacy content by perusing the relevant links below.

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