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How to Get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image Source: Screenshot via Gameloft

How to Get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do you want to build a snowman?

Frozen’s adorable snowman has officially made his debut in Dreamlight Valley with an all-new quest that takes you on a winter-themed journey. However, like all the characters of the game, you must complete several tasks to help him. So, if you want to welcome a new guest to the magical world, here’s how to get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete The Great Blizzard in Disney Dreanlight Valley

Once you install the Festival of Friendship update on Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll see a new mission, The Great Blizzard, where you must speak to Merlin to find out what’s happening in the land. Eventually, he will tell you that you must restore the Pillar of the Frosted Heights and assist Olaf.

To help you with this quest, you can follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Frosted Heights and explore the region.

    You can go to the top right corner of Frosted Heights (at the character waypoint.)

    Frosted Heights Disney Dreamlight Valley

  2. Find the wall of the cliff and interact with the wall of the cliff.

    It will be on the right corner of the region, where you will see footsteps.

    The wall of the cliff

  3. Enter the doorway.

    The Secret Doorway in Frosted Heights

  4. Go back to Frosted Heighst and help Olaf find parts of his body.

  5. Chase down four Scary Squirrels.

    The squirrels will have a dark mist around them. Therefore, you must chase and press the Action button to catch them around Frosted Heights.

    Scary Squirrel

  6. Return to Olaf to give him his nose and buttons, then talk to Elsa.

  7. Investigate the Pillar of the Frosted Heights.

    Go to the top right corner again.

    Frosted Heights

  8. Use the Watering Can on the sparkling water particles around the pillar.

    Sparkling water particles

  9. Talk to Elsa and return to Olaf.

  10. Use the Watering Can on the sparkling water particles in the chamber.

    There will be two in this room.

    Water Particles

  11. Find the book.

    There will be several books around the room that you can pick up.

  12. Collect 10 Glasses, five Purified Night Shards, and three Shattered Prisms.

    You can get the Shattered Prisms inside the secret chamber. Then, you can craft the Glass with Sand and Coal Ore, and Purified Night Shards with Night Shards and Dream Shards.

    Shattered Prisms

  13. Craft the Dreamlight Prism.

    Dreamlight Prism

  14. Place the Dreamlight Prism on the pedestal in the secret chamber.

    It will be right in front of Olaf.

    The pedestal

  15. Place more gems on the other pedestals.

    Transfer Emerald and Citrine to the pedestals.

    The Other Pedestals

  16. Place Amethyst on the last pedestal.

    The last pedestal

  17. Whisper your deepest fears into the portal.

    You can choose any of the dialogue options at this point.

    The portal

  18. Talk to Olaf and give him back his body parts.

  19. Place the Orb in the pillar to restore it and converse with Olaf.

After you complete these steps, Olaf will now be fixed up, as well as revitalizing the Pillar of Frosted Heights.

That does it for our guide on how to get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to get Rich Soil.

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