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How to Fix Laggy Connection in LOVERWATCH

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
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How to Fix Laggy Connection in LOVERWATCH

The Quick and the Dead.

Picture this: you’re out on a date with the perfect partner. The mood is right, the lighting catches you at a flattering angle, and there is a sense of love blossoming in the air. You go in to make your move, only for things… to… move… at… a… crawl… Oh no, you’re lagging! Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation causes your worst fears to come true (Bodhi, Point Break), so let’s look into how to fix a laggy connection in LOVERWATCH.

Why Is LOVERWATCH So Laggy & How to Solve It

Despite how simple it may look on the surface, LOVERWATCH can actually be a fairly graphically intense game. This is due to the lively animations that frequently pop up, and slowdown or lag becomes most apparent during background transitions.

The first and best solution is to ensure that your browser is running optimally to handle the workload. In settings, ensure that hardware acceleration is running. Where it is located will vary between browsers, but generally it will be in ‘system’ or ‘performance’. You will have to reload the browser afterwards.

If this alleviated the issue, you will immediately notice an improvement. Otherwise, your computer may have too many resources allocated to other tasks. Close other applications or tabs that are diverting too much power away, or check if your browser has any queued updates.

LOVERWATCH is not playable on Opera GX, and recommends your browser be running the following versions:

  • Google Chrome version 106.0.5249 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version and later
  • Microsoft Edge version 106.0.1370.52 and later
  • Safari version 15 and later

Finally, we arrive at the tried and true method: restarting your PC. Fear not for lost progress, as clicking the cog in the top right corner of LOVERWATCH will allow you to save your gameplay. The game will also retain data from previous playthroughs even if the browser is closed, meaning you will be able to continue towards the secret ending, if that is your ultimate goal.

By following the above, you will have hopefully fixed your laggy connection in LOVERWATCH. Failing all this, you may have to reconsider the hardware you’re using: a laptop, for example, may chug along even with the best optimization! For all things Overwatch-related, the guides below will set the record straight.

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