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How To Fix Error Code 31–4302 in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Error Code 31-4302
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How To Fix Error Code 31–4302 in Genshin Impact

Learn how to troubleshoot the 31–4302 error!

31–4302 is one of the infamous Genshin Impact error codes that you can get while playing this popular gacha RPG. You’re more likely to encounter this error soon after launching the game, meaning you are locked out of the game. In fact, many players have recently reported this issue on various social media handles and are now flocking to the internet to find a potential fix. Luckily, we can show you how to fix this problem, so here’s what you need to do if you get the error code 31–4302 in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact – Error Code 31–4302 Fix

Genshin Impact‘s 31–4302 error can be caused by various factors, ranging from an outdated driver to corrupted files. To troubleshoot this issue effectively, let’s examine each potential solution individually.

With a bit of patience, you’ll be able to get your game back up and running in no time. Let’s dive in.

Update Graphics Driver

For a seamless experience, it’s important to keep your graphics driver updated. The easiest way to do this is by visiting the official website of your graphics card manufacturer, such as Nvidia or AMD, and downloading the latest version.

Another option is to use third-party driver update utilities to fix any error you may encounter while playing Genshin Impact. Some Windows computers also require you to update them manually via the Update and Security section of the PC’s control panel.

Verify Game Files (PC)

Another way to fix this error is by repairing the game’s corrupted files. If you have installed the game through the Genshin Impact launcher, then here are the steps to verify the game files:

  1. Click on the gear icon located in the top right corner of the launcher.
  2. Select ‘Game Resources’ from the list of settings options.
  3. Look for the ‘Repair Game Files’ option and click on it.
  4. Wait for the launcher to complete the process of verifying.

Now, the launcher should start verifying the game files and repair the corrupted ones to fix the error.

Restart The Launcher

Restarting the Genshin Impact launcher is also a good solution to fix the error code 31–4302. To do this, simply close the program by clicking on the “X” button in the top right corner or using the task manager by pressing Ctrl/Alt/Delete.

Once it has been ended, just start the launcher again by clicking on the app to check if the problem is solved.

Update Windows

To enhance the performance of your gaming setup, ensure that your Windows system is updated. You can access Windows updates by going to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and clicking on “Check for updates.” If any updates are present, install them and then restart the game.

So, there you have it. That’s all you need to know about fixing the error code 31–4302 in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides and peruse the links below.

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