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How to Defeat Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart

How to Defeat Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart
Image Source: Focus Entertainment

How to Defeat Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart

Putting the sphere of death in its place.

Dangers are everywhere in Atomic Heart, and sometimes, the threats come in larger-than-life sizes. These opponents are usually the big bads of an area, and in the case of the Hog-7 Hedgie, its arrival would have been teased earlier on in the game, before you finally face it in battle. For anyone looking to get a leg up on the sphere of death, this guide will teach you the best methods on how to defeat the Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart.

Meeting the Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart

The battle will take place as part of the objective of reaching the exhibition as part of The Brave New World questline in Atomic Heart. After summoning the Hawk down for routine maintenance, take the zipline directly into the enclosed arena towards your objective. Once you are inside, prepare yourself for a tough fight as you interact with the button in the middle of the arena.

Defeating the Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart

As a rolling ball of doom, it makes perfect sense for the Hog-7 Hedgie to be unstoppable when it is moving at great speeds. As such, the best way to approach this fight is to actually be more defensive and withdrawn. Always keep the boss in your sights, and make use of your dodge ability to get out of harm’s way. It is recommended to get the Second Wind ability to give yourself a second dodge just for insurance.

Aside from using its body, the Hedgie will also fire flaming projectiles at you, as well as smash into the ground, which also creates shockwaves that can cause you damage. Learning when to dodge and jump will help your survivability too.

Hog-7 Hedgie Atomic Heart weak points
Image Source: Focus Entertainment via Twinfinite

Once you have successfully avoided some of its attacks, there will be certain windows in which you can do harm to the Hog-7 Hedgie. The best time is when it exposes its weak points, which are represented by bright red and spinning mechanisms. Use either your melee weapons or ranged firearms to deal as much hurt to the boss as possible, as it will not stay in this state for long.

Hog-7 Hedgie Atomic Heart statues
Image Source: Focus Entertainment via Twinfinite

For the more daring and those looking to secure the Strike trophy or achievement, you can also hurt the Hog-7 Hedgie without using your weapons at all. The key to that is all the statues that can be summoned around the arena, similar to the initial statue that gets raised just before the fight begins.

As the boss rolls around, get behind the statue and lure it to smash right into it, which will cause it considerable harm. However, you will still need to be quick on your feet to dodge attacks while waiting for your next chance to call up a statue. Just look out for the panels that rise out of the ground with green lights; hitting it will raise up a statue, ready for the next smashing. Also, note that if the boss is near the panel, you won’t be able to summon a statue.

Hog-7 Hedgie Atomic Heart magnetic attack
Image Source: Focus Entertainment via Twinfinite

Once you have done some damage to the Hog-7 Hedgie, it will add a new attack to its repertoire. It will stand in place and suck players in using a magnetic field of sorts. It will then follow up with a smashing shockwave that can catch players out, so when this happens, dodge and sprint away from the boss. Once the resistance wears off, get ready to jump to avoid the shockwave. This will repeat for three to four times, so defend accordingly.

Hog-7 Hedgie Atomic Heart
Image Source: Focus Entertainment via Twinfinite

Keep up the pressure with, ideally, both the statues and your weapons, and the Hog-7 Hedgie will be downed in no time. Give yourself a pat on the back, and hopefully, a shiny new achievement or trophy as well.

And there you go, the essential information on how to defeat the Hog-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart at your fingertips. Should you find yourself needing more help, you can read up via the related content below, or search Twinfinite for other queries.

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