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How to Complete Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

Crossed Wands
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games

How to Complete Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

Smite club.

With such a meaty game like Hogwarts Legacy, new quests are regularly doled out at a consistent clip. One that you’ll be tasked with early on in your adventure is dubbed Crossed Wands and can be a little finicky for newcomers and up-and-coming witches and wizards alike. So, if you’re curious how to complete Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy, we’ve got all the deets to give you the edge. Let’s go!

How to Do the Crossed Wands Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve beaten Sebastian Sallow in a duel early on in your adventure (shortly after your Sorting Ceremony), you’ll soon be introduced to Lucan Brattleby who hosts a trio of duels that comprise the Crossed Wands quest. As expected, the duels start off fairly easily enough but get exponentially more challenging.

Crossed Wands tips for Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games via Twinfinite

To help give you an edge in these duels, here are three important tips to keep in mind that will prove useful in the Crossed Wands duels:

  • The real key to victory is to break through the different colored shields that some of your foes possess. Thing is, spells correspond to different colors, which you can see in the spells’ icons on the bottom-right side of the screen. For instance, Accio is a violet/ purple Summoning Charm spell, so it will break through violet-colored shields with ease. If the enemy is toting a yellow shield, however, then either Levioso or a combination of Protego and Stupefy (hold down the Square button on PS5 or the X button on Xbox just as an enemy is about to attack) will suffice. In short: Purple shields require Accio, while Yellow shields need Levioso or Stupefy.
  • Remember to lock on to enemies with R3, while using the Right-stick to switch between specific targets. You may need to juggle between enemies, especially in the second and third rounds.
  • Don’t forget to top up your health with Wiggenweld Potions when your health is low (press ‘Down’ on the d-pad). If you’re running low on Wiggenweld Potions, head to Hogsmeade to buy more from J. Pippin’s Potions.

Be patient and keep plugging away, and soon you’ll reign supreme over your dastardly competitors. You’ve got this!

What Do you Get for Completing Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy?

As a reward for overcoming all three duels, Lucan Brattleby will award you with the Crossed Wands Champions Garb, which is a Legendary item with a nice Defensive bonus and a Level 1 trait slot.

Crossed Wands Champions Garb
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games via Twinfinite

And, voila! We hope this helped to shed some light on how to complete Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy. For more, here’s how to complete the Gobs of Gobstones quest. Alternatively, if you’d rather, go ahead and take a gander at the relevant links below.

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