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How to Beat Sporetail in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Kemono
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How to Beat Sporetail in Wild Hearts

Time to take out the rat pack!

As you progress through Wild Hearts, you’re going to encounter some familiar faces as you explore new areas of the game. In this case, the first familiar Kemono you’ll find in the Akikure Canyon is none other than a variant of the Ragetail, named Sporetail. It functions in a way that’s not quite the same as its early game variant, so let’s discuss how to beat Sporetail in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Sporetail Guide: How to Beat, Behaviors and More

Wild Hearts
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

First and foremost, you’ll notice that Sporetail is much grosser than the average Ragetail. Covered in moss, fungus, and god knows what else, the Kemono now substitutes its previous nut on its tail for a giant mushroom. Sporetail is generally the same as a normal Ragetail in most of its behaviors, but it has some key differences that sets it apart.

For starters, Sporetail will let out a roar to summon around five Sporetail Pups, and will continue to summon more as you defeat the pups. These mob enemies themselves aren’t too much of a threat, as they rarely attack you. They can still be a nuisance though, as they’ll shoot a projectile at you that inflicts the status of Sleep. Sporetail can luanch these attacks as well, and if you’re hit by it too much, you will fall asleep, leaving yourself open for an attack. Of course, dodging the sleep blasts will prevent this from happening, but you can also shake off the sleep by dodging in place a few times.

Otherwise, Sporetail is less aggressive than its regular counterpart but still packs a punch when ready to attack. It has a high weakness to the Fire element, and just about every part of its body — especially the head — is a weak spot. As usual, when enough damage is dealt, Sporetail will retreat to a new area and activate its Enraged state.

Sporetail Enraged

Sporetail Boss fight Wild Hearts
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

The Enraged state of Sporetail works precisely the same as a Ragetail, with it even summoning the giant tree upon activation in the same place. The only difference here is it will now use the sleep blast much more often and attack you more often in general. Try and use fusion Karakuri like the Pounder to deal significant damage to it and knock it out of its Enraged state so you can damage it further. Otherwise, if you were an expert at fighting Ragetail, then fighting a Sporetail will be of little difficulty for you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Sporetail in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides, like how to beat Lavaback and other tough bosses, via the related articles down below.

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