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How to Beat Icetusk in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Icytusk Art
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How to Beat Icetusk in Wild Hearts

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Variants of pre-existing creatures are a common trend in Monster Hunter-esc games, and Wild Hearts is no different. In the beginning of the game, you have an epic showdown with Kingtusk, and not long after, you’ll encounter its frozen cousin the Icetusk. This variant may give you pause though, and leave you wondering if the same strategies from Kingtusk can be applied. So today, let’s discuss how to beat Icetusk in Wild Hearts.

How To Defeat Icetusk In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Icytusk Boss Fight
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

If you’re a master at fighting Kingtusk, then you’re in luck: This counterpart is quite literally a carbon copy of the original in every way.

There’s only one key difference between the two Kemono: Normally, whenever Kingtusk uses Wood-based attacks, you’ll see wood chunks fly off it or giant trees appear from the ground. Icytusk does all the same moves, but instead of trees, they are replaced by ice spikes instead. They even share the same weakness to Fire-based weapons and have the same weak spot via their heads.

While the similarities between the two never end, don’t get too comfortable. Icetusk has plenty of power to either one or two-shot an opponent with ease. In particular, it still has its infamous charging attack, where it will roar and charge head-on at you. This powerful attack can easily be repelled by using a Bulwark Fusion Karakuri though, so make sure you utilize this Katakuri as needed.

How to Beat Icetusk Enraged

Wild Hearts Icytusk Enraged
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

This is further re-instated when the Icetusk Kemono becomes Enraged in Wild Hearts.

Once again, the Enraged state is more or less the same as the original. Instead of giant trees being formed, it is now huge spikes of ice that will emerge from the ground to deal massive damage to you. That said, you can create fusion Bulwark Karakuri to block its incoming charge attacks and repel them, allowing you to devastate the Kemono’s health.

Rinse and repeat your strategies from the Kingtusk fight, and you’ll be dealing the finishing blow to the Icetusk in no time.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Icetusk in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides and other coverage via the related articles down below.

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